Thursday, July 23, 2009

lex men

Eleven days before the anniversary of the moon landing, I went to the place where I watched the historic moonwalk as a child. My grandparent's cottage in Noyac was unrecognizable after the renovations by the new owner. While we were on Long Island, we were able to visit with my sister.

She had accumulated several old family photos that I hadn't seen in years. When she went into the city to run an errand, my wife and I removed some of the pictures out of their frames and took them to the CVS in Southampton. We scanned them at the Kodak Picture Kiosk and had them back in their frames before my sister returned.

Here are three pictures of my father from three stages of his career. He started as a newspaperman, eventually covering the New York State legislature for UPI. He served as assistant press secretary to Governor Nelson Rockefeller for a couple of years before moving into public relations. I liked the dramatic lighting in the third shot. My sister thought it might have been taken at the Cloud Club atop the Chrysler Building. I think the other man on the stairs is probably William Gaskill, my dad's boss at the p.r. firm.

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Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

I thought the guy in the background was pretty funny. Cigarette laying on the desk as he's pounding the keys to get the story written. If you like other older photographs (typically 1900-1950s) google "Shorpy", it has great pictures and a way to see what life was like back in the Golden Days, The Depression, WWII, etc...

Blogger Andrew Ballew said...

Wow... those photos, especially the last one, really take me into the mood of the moment... Just outstanding candids. Sometimes pictures are just pictures, sometimes they elevate to art. I would call those art. Wow.

Blogger bean said...

I agree with the room, Frank. Great pictures and you are so lucky to have such fine shots of your Pop. Thanks for sharing them.


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