Thursday, August 20, 2009

people pile

After every trip, I have some unused photos left on the memory chips in my phone and camera. Sometimes I remember why I took the picture, sometimes not. All I recall about seeing a bucket of Good Luck Mini Babies is that they freaked me out. They were in the gift shop at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, New Hampshire. I found out later that the same company makes a whole line of animal replicas, which I understand. But what are you supposed to do with tiny rubbery infants?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe for a king cake like in New Orleans?

Blogger Meaghan said...

That's what I was thinking. They represent the baby Jesus, the King of Kings, and you eat the cake on Mardi Gras. One baby is in each cake and the person who gets the slice with the baby in it is supposed to have a fruitful Lent!


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