Sunday, October 11, 2009

bean counter

The more you pay for a hotel room, the less you get. After my vasovagal syncope, we stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. We had free WiFi and a big free breakfast the next morning that included custom-made omelets.

Last weekend, we stayed in a regular Holiday Inn in Charlottesville that cost more than an Express. We still had free WiFi but breakfast was only available in the full-service restaurant. If I hadn't made coffee in the room, I could have taken advantage of free coffee in the hotel lobby.

The next night we stayed in a nice Marriott in downtown Norfolk. The hotel charged $9.95 per day for Internet access, the restaurant in the lobby was a Shula's 347 Grill and the coffee in the lobby was not free, in fact it was Starbucks. I did make a pot of coffee in the room but it didn't taste very good. Still, I brought home the remaining pouches of coffee and had occasion to brew one last Thursday before going to the FBI Citizens Academy. It tasted just as bad as the coffee I made in the hotel room, if not worse.

Although I am not a long time coffee drinker, I think I am discerning enough to know a bad cup when I taste one. The stuff from the Marriott was gross. Since picking up the caffeine habit, I found that I especially like the taste of the Javarama coffee at work, the Kona coffee at Weigel's and the dark roast at Panera Bread.

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Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

You nailed it with the hotels! The HI Express doesn't have the breakfast overhead that the regular HI or the Marriott have. So, as a customer, you get alot more for less. Also, for us that eat Gluten Free, it is easier to eat at HI Express than most other places because we can pick and choose without going Ala Carte.

As for the Coffee, I think you got some old Coffee Packs, or perhaps they had a leak. Typically, the Starbucks are pretty good than the cheaper no-name brand coffee sacks. With the no-name, I usually brew both the Caff and DeCaff together in one pot and that makes a decent cup.

One thing to try at Panera, Weigels and Pilot, it too mix one of their darker roasts with the flavored one (most have Hazelnut). It gives the Dark Roast a light sweet taste!


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