Monday, October 05, 2009

Goren piece

A big fan of Vincent D'Onofrio is making an heroic attempt to keep him on "Law & Order Criminal Intent." Her exhaustive attempt to reach all corners of the Internet has even brought her as far as contacting Frank Murphy Dot Com. Why? Because I love Marshmallow Fluff.
My name is Nantz and I wanted to make you aware of a massive writing campaign that the fans of LOCI have been involved with. We have been sending postcards, emails, snail mail, tweets and posting everywhere we can to get our message out there of our displeasure at the dumping of Vincent D'Onofrio, Katie Erbe and Eric Bogosian. In answer to USA Network's trending towards "lighter fare" and "fluff" I have come up with the idea to send jars and jars of "Fluff" (that's the marshmallow crème) to the execs to let them know they can "stuff their fluff." As soon as the season premiere airs and all the aforementioned actors are gone, so are we, and long with us the ratings will go too. Not such good news for a cable network that is currently #1 and the reason they have such high ratings is because of shows like LOCI in the first place. Our voices have been heard as we have been highlighted in twice now. Soon cases of Fluff, cotton balls, Polyfill will arrive and right now they are being inundated with thousands of letters and postcards. WE control the numbers and if it's all about the almighty dollar in cutting these actors because of their salaries then they will find out what exactly numbers really mean.
Nantz is using her blog dedicated to D'Onofrio to spread the word about saving her favorite characters. The blog links to a Twitter account called saveGorenEames. They are hoping other Twitter users will copy and paste their "tweets."

I am curious to learn more about a site called On Location Vacations. They are encouraging "Law & Order" fans to bring Marshmallow Fluff to the set in New York on October 16. I'm interested in checking the site before I take my sightseeing trips next year just in case somebody happens to be filming in Iowa or South Dakota. It will be especially helpful when I can get around to visiting L.A. again.

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Blogger jess said...

you know Goren is off the show because D'Onofrio can't stay sober, right?
so, all the fluff in the world isn't going to bring back someone who is useless to filming...

Blogger ames said...

vince wanted to leave LOCI years ago. if i still owned a tv the loss of him and katie might really sadden me, but honestly, it won't affect my life at all with no tv.

frank, please don't recoil in horror at my alternative lifestyle... ;)

Blogger Nantz said...

And by what credible information do you have, Jess, that Vincent has any type of "problem"? He's off the show because the programming trend has been changed to lighter fare and that they didn't want to pay him full salary. His character of "Bobby Goren" is seen as "dark" and doesn't fit into their "blue sky" and "popcorn" types of shows. Why must people insist on defaming him by making up stories of drug and alcohol abuse? The man just came back from doing charity work for the Utah Meth Cops Program and will soon be filming "LOCI" then on to "Down And Dirty Pictures", I seriously doubt he would jeopardize his extensive career in the way you are saying. Shame on you. Frank, thank you for the mention, it is greatly appreciated!

Blogger saghy2 said...


So, that's why.......?????

Thanx Jess for the heads up !!

I really couldn't wrap my head around it without your help.

So Mr. D'Onofrio is leaving CI, cause he can't stay sober.

Poor Ms. Erbe; she looks so healthy, yet -logically- she can't stay sober, so she's leaving the show.

And let's pray for Rene Balcer, Walon Green, and the whole CI's writing staff....!!!

They had to leave; thus, they need our prayers and a reservation at the Betty Ford's center.

Let's make it clear once and for all:

In show biz -like every other biz- there are replacements: People come and go; they cross paths and change lanes all the time.

There doesn't necessarily have to be some ugly and scandlous secret........

So, instead of "preying" on peoples lives and reputation, let's "pray" for a "so-so" ending to this chaos -if not a happy one.


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