Monday, November 16, 2009

o brother, where art thou?

Flat Stanley had a busy day in East Tennessee. My sister emailed him to me in a PDF file and asked me to take some photos of him for my niece's second grade class. Any Tennessean worth his or her salt should be able to identify all the locations Flat Stanley and I visited on Saturday. I will send a prize to the first person to do so. All guesses must be entered in the comments section on my blog. The more specific, the better. I have posted my contest rules there. Don't delay, the second grade needs to know where these pictures were taken.

What's the prize, you ask? Actually you get to choose one of three. "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" gives away Carl Kasell's voice for your answering machine. I can do that too. Or you could choose to have my lovely wife sing the National Anthem at your Knoxville-area event. Or I will mail you a bag of bacon-flavored sunflower seeds that I got for free.

PS: It appears that Flat Stanley is as big a fan of the Brian Setzer Orchestra as I am.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Contest rules:

Guesses that show up as "Anonymous" will be disqualified, so you'll need to figure out how to use the "choose an identity" function. You'll also have to email me some contact information in case you win. Let me know which prize you want. My email address is my first name @ my domain. I will not publish any of the guesses until we have a winner.

Good luck!

Blogger Stephanie said...

1. Gatlinburg Space Needle
2. Smoky Mount Visitor Center
3. Adventure Golf
4. Henley Street at Church St. United Methodist Church
5. Gay Street outside TN Theater (and coincidentally directly across the street from my office building!)
6. Outside the Box Office at the TN Theater

Anonymous Taylor C. said...

1. Gatlinburg Space Needle
2. The "new"Great Smoky Mountains National Park Sign
3. Putt-Putt in Pigeon Forge (Fantasy Golf perhaps?)
4. Church Street United Methodist right off the Henley Street Bridge
5. Tennessee Theater on Gay Street
6. Poster/Sign at the entrance of the Tennessee Theater (On the right side of the front entrance?)


Anonymous Michael Holtz said...

Here's my guess, Frank:

The Sunsphere
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies
Henley Street (bridge view)
Gay Street
Tennessee Theatre Lobby.

Anonymous Lori Ingram said...

1. Sunsphere at World's Fair Park
2. GSM National Park
3. Sir Gooney Golf
4. Henley Street Bridge
5. TN Theater on Gay Street
6. Inside TN Theater Billboard annoucing show

Thanks, this was fun
Lori Ingram

Anonymous Michael Holtz said...

OK...I'm trying again

Space Needle in Gatlinburg
Great Smokies National Park Entrance
Hillbilly Golf
Henley Street (bridge)
Gay Street
Tennessee Theatre lobby

Anonymous Taylor C. said...

Another try:

1. Gatlinburg Space Needle
2. The "New" Great Smoky Mountains National Park Sign
3. Adventure Golf!
4. Church Street United Methodist at the end of the Henley St. Bridge
5. Tennessee Theater
6. Show bill at the entrance of Tennessee Theater

Email: I like the answering machine recording :)

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

We have a winner! Congratulations to Taylor C, who will soon be enjoying my voice on his answering machine or cell phone voice mail.

Most of the entries picked Church Street United Methodist as the landmark in photo #4. I was actually hoping for a mention of the Sunsphere but I cannot dispute the accuracy of Taylor's answer.


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