Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ober reaction

Comedian Ken Ober, best known as host of "Remote Control," was found dead Sunday. I had the good fortune of knowing Ken when he worked at the Comedy World Radio Network.

In the mid '90s, Ken co-hosted a show on KLSX with Susan Olsen. A few years later, they both worked at Comedy World although on different shows. While most of the programs needed time to find their legs, "The Ken Ober Radio Hour" sounded good from day one. He surrounded himself with funny people like Lou DiMaggio and Charles Zucker.

When news of Ken's passing first started popping up on the Internet, some debunked it as a hoax. Sadly it turned out to be true. My friend Susan was distressed by the conflicting reports. After the death was confirmed she wrote several things on Facebook, including: "Most agree it seems Ken Ober was in a good place in his life before passing. There's some consolation in that. He was a great guy to work with, I'm so glad I saw him recently." A little later she posted: "Well maybe Kenny is having a cocktail with Ed McMahon and busting his chops for introducing him on Star Search as 'Can Opener.'"

On the day of the O.J. Simpson verdict, Susan brought a camera to work. She put together a 9½ minute video of what went on in the KLSX studios and hallways. Like most of us, Ken's reaction was pure outrage. His language on the tape is definitely NSFW. In our current times, it is amazing to see that so many people once worked at a single radio station. You might recognize the Regular Guys, Kato Kaelin and Mother Love.

There are many comments on the web about how Ken was as nice as he was talented. I can tell you from first hand experience that it was a genuine pleasure to be around him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frank, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I heard a lot of good things about Ken too. It is always shocking when someone dies so young.


Anonymous Mary O said...

Brings back so many memories of the CW days. Ken was such a nice man. How tragic that he died so young.

Blogger RavinDave said...

Hey Frank ...

Is the "Mary O" (above) *my* Mary from ComedyWorld? I suspect it is!

Long time -- no type!

Ken's passing has brought back such a rush of wonderful memories. What a great group of people.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

You are correct Dave, that is "our" Mary O.

Speaking of Comedy World, Susan Olsen sent me note after reading the above post. Here's what she wrote:

"Allan Havey had called me last night to tell me about Ken. I didn't hear the phone so I didn't get the message. I was confused this morning by all the false reports that the reports were false. Then when I checked my phone and saw that Allan had called my heart sank. Word spread around the comic grapevine way before the news ever got it right."


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