Friday, February 19, 2010

can't spell omega without omg

Darwin Day passed me by with no fanfare this year. I was aware that last Friday was the 201st birthday of both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln but had other things to do. In fact, my wife and I were sharing a table at the World Marriage Day dinner with Dr. Kelly Kearse and his wife. Dr. Kearse was my son's chemistry teacher in high school.

During the course of the evening, Dr. Kearse mentioned that he had downloaded and listened to my interview with Bishop Stika from last year. I told him about some of my other interviews online, including those with Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass. By the way, the two will be coming in soon to record an interview about their new book, "The Bone Thief."

Dr. Kearse emailed me the other day to say thanks for a photo I sent him from that night. He also told me that he had downloaded seven more interviews from my site. He had just listened to the interview with the author of "Thank God for Evolution."

The conversation with Dr. Kearse, coupled with the start of Lent, inspired me to use my WiFi clock radio to listen to podcasts of some online homilies as I settle in for bed. One of the files turned out to be not a homily but a lecture by Fr. Don Goergen about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I've heard the first half-hour a couple of times as I drifted off to sleep. The whole podcast is an hour and 25 minutes long. I plugged in some headphones and have been listening to the rest of it tonight while watching the Olympics on TV.

It's pretty heady stuff about cosmogenesis, biogenesis, psychogenesis and Christogenesis. A few of Fr. Goergen's quotes stood out for me:
  • God creates the universe evolutably.
  • The world is evolving and that evolution is a manifestation of God's creative activity.
  • The world is moving in the direction of increased complexity and increased consciousness.
  • Darwinism doesn't necessarily mean atheism.

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Blogger Cassie said...

I have always said I am a crevolutionist. I believe that God created us, and being the divine designer that he is he made to evolve and change over time. I don't believe that we evolved from a single celled organism, but I do believe that we have changed over the course of time. I think those characteristics that are the most beneficial to preserving life move forward and those that aren't are weeded out over time. I think that is a part of Gods great plan. :o)

Blogger PLANET3RRY said...

My education is highly concentrated in Mathematics and Science, so I often have the mundane conflicts of religion vs. science. "The Bible says this, Science says that!"

As a child, I was very confused on why the Bible never referenced dinosaurs... simplicity of a complex ideology for a young mind. I really like the quotes that you posted on Fr. Goergen's... especially the one that "Darwinism doesn't necessarily mean atheism"

We humans are ego-centric to think that we know anything or everything about The Universe. One of my broken-record mantras is "Perception is Reality". So for us, THIS world is our reality because this is how we interact with it.

very interesting!


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