Sunday, February 21, 2010

sun of a niche

Cassie is a fellow blogger and Twitterer who often takes the time to post comments on my blog entries. I hope she takes advantage of the free symphony tickets available to bloggers this week. She was the first person to make an online donation to my camera replacement fund and recently gave me some old souvenirs that made me very happy.

Perhaps Cassie remembers a 2007 post of mine about some plastic cups I got at Patrick Sullivan's. Or maybe she has discerned over the years that I wish I had visited Knoxville during the summer of 1982. Instead, I spent that summer working for free at a bankrupt little AM station in Herndon, Virginia.

Today my wife and I took the items from Cassie back to their roots. It was a beautiful day for a visit to World's Fair Park, where I posed with a commemorative dish and snow globe from the 1982 World's Fair.

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Blogger Taylor C. said...

I really like the snowglobe, but that USA Olympic hoodie doesn't look that bad either. I'm going to have to get some olympic gear even though it's halfway through.

Blogger Cassie said...

How awesome. I am so glad that you liked them. Love the picture of you in front of the Sunsphere :O)

Blogger swagner said...


I saw this link on Twitter - I have to let you know that I have some vintage 1982 unopened World's Fair Coke bottle upstairs in my attic right now.


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