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my trip to Alaska    


Big Game Alaska Wildlife Center  June 21, 2001

Bison.JPG (79247 bytes)Baby moose.JPG (114801 bytes)Herd of elk.JPG (63784 bytes)Stag party.JPG (55458 bytes)The real Mister Owl.JPG (66234 bytes)


Kenai Fjords Wildlife Cruise  June 21, 2001

Exit Glacier with blue ice.JPG (71717 bytes)Sea view of a glacier.JPG (46558 bytes)Sea Lions.JPG (100648 bytes)more sea lions.JPG (84873 bytes)Frank and  Alicia and sea lions.JPG (87810 bytes)Mom and sea lions.JPG (100182 bytes)Dall's porpoise.JPG (59643 bytes)Whale.JPG (53333 bytes)Mom on wildlife cruise.JPG (73515 bytes)Puffin.JPG (78609 bytes)


Talkeetna Air Taxi  June 22, 2001

Mom and Frank in front of air taxi.JPG (87915 bytes)Frank in the co-pilot seat.JPG (61531 bytes)First view of Denali from air taxi.JPG (33869 bytes)Landing on  glacier with propeller.JPG (50253 bytes)Alicia steps onto glacier.JPG (67159 bytes)Alicia and plane on glacier 1.JPG (67415 bytes)Denali from the glacier.JPG (54391 bytes)Frank and Alicia on glacier.JPG (64889 bytes)Don't forget the Peeps.JPG (60356 bytes)Mmm Peeps on a glacier.JPG (53943 bytes)Frank's portable birthday cake.JPG (57428 bytes)Aerial view of glacier.JPG (71967 bytes)Mom with Talkeetna  postmarks.JPG (74925 bytes)Alicia and  Mom in downtown Talkeetna.JPG (82347 bytes)Frank Murphy 99676.JPG (66719 bytes)



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