Actual emails from actual listeners of 100.3 The River in Knoxville

I have truly enjoyed listening to you on The River.  You have managed to stand your ground with Phil Williams and that has made for some wonderful banter early in the morning.  I loved listening to "The Frank Files."  You brought a little of Hollywood to East Tennessee.  You also proved you could do a great solo act when called upon.  I can only hope you will stay in the area.
I will feel lost without the format of The River.  It was really great what you all managed to build for your audience.  I cannot believe the powers that be will not pick this up.  But I suppose I just don't understand the radio business world.
Thanks for all the great mornings.  I will miss you, David and Phil.
Take care and God bless,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am saddened to hear that your morning show on The River will be over next week.

Thanks for providing a great show each and every morning during my rush hour commute.

I will miss you both and hope dearly to be hearing you again real soon in the Knoxville market.



I'm curious - what are your plans for the future?  I think it's just awful that you move here for this job and now.......but I guess that's just the nature of radio.  Will you be seeking another radio position here in the Knoxville area?
Wishing you (and the rest of the crew) all the best....

I hope you realize what you have brought to the show Frank, you really spice it up. I wish you and your family well. I only wish you were able to stay on, especially after moving your family not so long ago. Is there a petition going around? 



It has been great listening to you and Phil.  You two have great chemistry and have made my mornings memorable.  I am going to miss you both terribly.  I think that you have adjusted very well to East Tennessee and it has been a hoot listening to Phil give you such a hard way to go.  You are a great sport about it all.  I hope that you and your family decide to stay in Tennessee, it is a wonderful place to live.  And, as I wrote to Phil, I will be praying for all of you and I hope to hear you back on the air soon.
I really hope that the new owners realize what a huge mistake they are making by taking The River off of the air.

Take care and God Bless You,



I have really enjoyed you and Phil. I think we in East Tennessee. have come to really think a lot of you. I hope you can find a job in the region. We need good people like yourself to stay. God Bless you and your family. Keep the faith.



I've been meaning to stop-by one of your appearances.  I was born in Glendale, lived in Burbank, Northridge, and Granada Hills ('64) and graduated from CSUN in ''69 (when it was still called San Fernando Valley State College).  Came here from Santa Monica in 1980 (like you, business-I work in Oak Ridge).  I've gotten a kick out of your "Southern Education";  I went through the same thing!  These East Tennessee folks are the best people in the world.  Anyway, I got to raise my son here which is better than in L.A. as far as I'm concerned.  I hope you get to stay here!  Good Luck to you! 



Tammi and I just found out about the River being shut down.  That really sucks, you guys have a great thing going.  I hope you and your family get to stay in the area.  Tammi and I feel like we’ve made a good friend and we hope that you stay in touch.  Hang in there, you’re very talented and you’ll land on your feet.  I think everything happens for a reason.  Good luck.

Ray & Tammi


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how nice it was to meet you and your family at Volunteer Landing on Sunday. My wife, daughter and I really enjoy your station and will hate to see you go. Here's hoping that everyone at the River land on their feet as quickly as possible.  Hopefully in Knoxville for most of you all.

Thank You


PS: Thanks for the XL T-shirt. It will serve my wife well during the last three weeks of her pregnancy!

I , like many others, want to express my shock and disbelief at the removal of the river from Knoxville broadcasting. This is the only radio station I have ever just set my dial on and didn't change, no matter what.

The morning show was so much a part of my day. I looked forward to it each and every day. You guys always made me feel better.

When the river first aired I was so excited. I kept meaning to send an e-mail and tell you how wonderful I thought it was. I am terrible at sending e-mails or just corresponding in general, so I am dismayed that the one I finally send has to be this one.

It is such a travesty that you have uprooted your family only to have such short lived success. But know, Frank, that Knoxville loves you and your style and we all hope you find success where ever you go.

Thank you for the fun and good music you , Phil and David have provided for the short while you have been on.  I don't think I will miss anything as much for a while.

All the best to all of you,



My e-mails have often been termed e-epics by my friends so bare with me as I write what I feel about what is happening to The River as I understand from what I have read and heard.

I remember when a rumor started to circulate that Phil and David were going to be on WOKI, 100.3 The River.  Then came the infamous billboards--"Phil's back on 100.3 The River."  I'd have to say a bit tacky, but effective none-the-less.
Well, finally it happened! Phil and David back on the morning drive.  I was laughing all the way to work again.  Now, of course we are into the new millennium, needless to say, and we're all somewhere in our mid-forties!!!
Then came Frank.  I love Frank.  I now no longer have to quickly read "those" magazines as I'm standing in line at WallyWorld waiting to check out.  Frank does it for all of us.  Same thing with TV. I have canceled my subscription to TV Guide, and I rarely agreed with B.P. or W.B. of the KNS either. If it weren't for your accent and a few things we Tennesseans just know having grown up here, I'd think you were from Kodak, Deer Lodge, or even Wartburg!!!  Phil and David can tell you where these places are--just kidding.  You are a great addition to Knoxville, and I know all The River listeners welcome having you and your family coming to K'town to live.
Good luck to all three of you, and I eagerly await your return to morning drive in K'town.


A loyal listener, Karen

I know life with Phil is difficult but you have been gracious and given him a few zingers to boot. I hope to hear you on the airwaves again soon. If you have to move out of the East Tennessee area please be aware that you take with you a piece of God's country and the people here will not forget.

Thanks so much for the wonderful ear candy.


Frank -

Hope you stay in Tennessee, you can only go back to visit California, no moving back.

your radio friend,


Tomorrow (The 18th) will unfortunately be my last chance to listen to your show because I'll be out of town thru the final days of the River. The first time I listened to Phil's show when he moved over, he played "Brand New Day" by Sting. It was the first song I heard on the station, and I was wondering if you guys could find a way to squeeze it in sometime after 7:30 tomorrow morning. I'm getting up early (one of the few times on my summer break) just to listen to the show.

I appreciate all you guys have added to the community over the last couple of years, and am glad you made the move from California. You've added so much to Phil's show.


glad you came to east TN

nice waking up with you for the past 1yr or so. wish u were staying


When Phil moved to The River and the new format, I was thrilled.  And when Frank came along with the Frank Files and contradicting Phil on Phil's interests, the show became much more interesting.  I'm pissed that Citadel wants to trash Phil, a Knoxville icon, and Frank, who recently uprooted his family from California to come to the Promised Land only to be fired.  Frank, I was born and raised in CA and this IS the Promised Land.


Dear Mr. Murphy,

       I know you've only been on board a while, but it was truly a breath of fresh air (and Music) when The River came around.  I am very sorry to see it go.  I am an avid listener to your show every morning on the way to work and it's the only station I'll let anyone play in the O.R. (I am an orthopedic surgeon at Children's Hospital).  I guess the demographic of 40-year-old-professional-who-enjoys-new-music-but-can't-stand-hiphop, rap, bubblegum or elevator music isn't broad enough to make it in this area.  Pity.  I was desperately trying to avoid making the move to XM radio, but I may not have another choice.
       I have enjoyed the Frank Files, the tales of your cross country trip and your lack of concern for the game of golf.  They will be missed.  Good luck with whatever comes up next.      

Sincerely, Cameron


I am so sorry to hear the news about the station.  I've been listening to the River since it's birth and felt very lucky to live in an area with as progressive a station as yours.  Now, I fear we will be stuck with another country, oldies, or easy listening format and I'm not sure I can bear it.  I'm sure you will land on your feet, but I hate to see you go.  Good luck to you and your family and I hope to hear you again some day. 

Sincerely, Marta

Loved your show.  Hope you land somewhere soon!

My parents will be visiting Knoxville this weekend and I would like to take them to the ice cream festival. Would you please email and let me know the details. Thank you so much for coming to East Tennessee. I have enjoyed listening to you, Phil and David. You guys will be missed.

A Fan Of The Show,


Hey Frank...

Sorry to hear about your situation. I know how you feel. I was laid off (oil industry) and felt I had been "gut shot".  Fifteen years ago I moved to Knoxville, everything I owned in the back of a pick up truck. Now I'm making a low six figure income and looking forward to the future. I know the move from California to Knoxville, uprooting your family and now this must be taking its toll. My humble advice is to hang in there and never lose sight of your abilities. With the love of your family and friends you'll get through this and probably wind up in a better way, as I did.


The morning show is great, the variety as well. You start my days with just the right amount of spice. I hope there is something that will change this decision.  If not,  know that I have enjoyed hearing you banter and defend your positions with Phil.  Best of luck.  Donna

I'm so very bummed about the announcement.  I've enjoyed the a.m. show so much, especially since you've joined it and I'm reeealy going to miss all the special features you've brought to the show!!  The River was the best station in town - a fantastic assortment of tunes that aren't heard anywhere else in town.   It's such a shame!!


Dear Frank,

I can't imagine getting up and not having all of you to entertain me!  I have absolutely loved your show.  I feel we are very fortunate to have you on Knoxville radio. My hope is that you can continue on another station (please not country!)

It would be very appropriate if the last song THE RIVER plays on July 31 would be ''The Last DJ'  by Tom Petty.

God Bless ! 

A very good friend of mine uses this phrase when he really loves something: it's cool beans!  That's how I feel about all of you.  Please don't  leave East Tennessee, we've invested a lot in your education of the area.  I will follow.


I just wanted to let you guys know that my mornings will not be the same when The River goes off the air.  I have been a loyal listener since the station started.  I like classic rock, but you can only hear the same thing so many times.  The River brings variety that is definitely needed in Knoxville.  I mean, where else are you going to get your daily dose of Bob Marley?  Your morning show is both intelligent and entertaining, something that other shows are lacking in the area. 
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.  Best of luck to all of you!
Amanda & Eric


You have been such a nice addition to 100.3 The River. I hope you and your family will stay in East TN and one day soon you  will land on another radio station. You all will be missed. I loved the format and listen all day at work.

GOOD LUCK to you all!



I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy listening to you and Phil. You have been a wonderful addition to the morning show. You both are so funny and your personalities complement one another. I enjoy watching some of the reality TV shows and I love your interviews with people in the TV industry.

I listen to 100.3 every day at work and whenever I am driving. I hope the new management will realize how talented you all are and will rehire you, if that is what you would like. I don't want you to have to leave our area, because I think you are a great d.j. Knoxville is lucky to have you.

Take care,


This station buy out really stinks on ice.

I'm sorry especially for you, Frank. I heard everyone basically is getting fired--and you just moved here! Honestly... the south is usually more gracious than this, I promise.

Good luck to everyone


I wanted to say how sorry I am to hear that The River is going off the air. I am one of those 30-something folks who had given up on radio because no one played the kind of music I liked-that was until you all came along. Your concept of playing so many different artists and different kinds  of music was such a winner!  Unlike other stations, I didn’t hear the same song 3 times in one hour!  What a refreshing change you were from the norm! You guys have introduced me to more new artists than I can mention. Your Frank Files were great-I’m a big TV fan and really enjoyed your entertainment news.

You’ll be greatly missed! I wish you all the best of luck and hope to hear you again soon!



Nearly ten years ago I married a girl from this area who was attending school in Torrance, California where I was born and raised. We decided to move out here and start our family in a slightly more rural area than the Los Angeles basin. I had a beautiful daughter. Then my wife decided to date. I wasn't crazy about that so we divorced. Instead of putting my daughter through hell and taking her away from her mother, I decided to share custody. I currently live with my daughter a few miles from Phil. Listening to you folks on the radio really helped me get through some tough times. I resented having to stay here, though it was a choice I made. I missed my Southern California home and my family. And I missed the free for all stations I listened to growing up.

Then The River came. I listened to Phil talk about being raised in this area, helping me appreciate my surrogate home. I heard you talk about your time in LA, helping me appreciate my hometown. And I listened to some of the best music on the radio. Driving from Jefferson City to Knoxville every morning listening to you, Phil, David, and Dan, I was informed and entertained. The antagonism between you and Phil mirrored my own experiences with folks here who have become incredible friends. There are still things I don't understand about East Tennessee and East Tennesseans, just as there are things about me and LA folks around here don't understand. The River is a celebration of varied tastes in music and life.

Thank you so much for all that you have done. As your life takes another turn, please know that there are people you have touched and people that care about you. I wish I could do more, but know that I am here as a friend. Thank you for everything. By the way, I am also the last person in the theater reading the credits as the movie ends.

Thank you,


It has to be particularly tough for you, moving to Knoxville specifically for this station.

I do wish you the best! And please, let all of us know where you'll be heading!

With best wishes,


Hi Frank,

Just wanted to say that I'm very disappointed that the River is closing its doors. The River has been about so much more than just the tunes. All the sponsorships (Sundown in the City, the concerts on the lake & on Gay St., the Harley give-a-ways, etc) have helped to make Knoxville a more fun place to live and work!! Anyway, I know you recently moved to Knoxville, and I hope that you'll stick around town. Surely, someone who knows talent when they hear it will pick you up. Best of luck to you, where ever you end up going! Oh, and thanks for all the promotion for the Food Network! We really appreciate it!

Best of luck to ya!



everyone keeps saying how they started listening to the River because of Phil...I actually didn't start listening until you came on board!. Flipping through the stations one morning I landed on the River and heard the guys picking on you...I listened a little longer to find out that you were new.  I kept coming back to the River to hear how you were adjusting to East Tennessee...I myself am from the Baltimore/Washington area, too.  Now I am a die-hard fan...nobody else in town plays the music that y'all do!  You will be missed and I wish you all the best of luck!


Hey, Frank – good luck – you’ve moved your family across the country…  Knoxville has grown to love ya, and I hope you’ve grown to love us as well.  God bless.



I wish you all the best. I was shocked to read the news awhile ago.  Do you think that you'll stay on locally, or will you contemplate moving back to L.A. or somewhere? I hope you land at another station here. You have given me many laughs on the way to work.

Take care.



You gotta stay in the area, how in the world can I cheer those METS out of the basement all by myself??  I have enjoyed your humor and take on things, and will miss the banter between you and Phil.  I don't know what you think of each other off air, but you have a good chemistry on air. 

I'll miss you guys a lot. :(

PS thanks again for the T-shirt!!!!!





Good luck, Frank, you're one of the greatest, and I truly hope you can stick around and continue the Great Frank Files.

This entire mess stinks.



Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to you and Phil each morning.  It is such a shame that we didn't get to hear you guys for many years to come. I really enjoyed your "Frank Files" for keeping me informed on the entertainment front.  I will miss the banter between you and Phil.  Touché for the times you got the best of him.  Best wishes in your future endeavors.



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