Frank Murphy                                                                                        Alaska photos




    head shot            on stage                makeover ad


Joe Bill & Charna Halpern             half of Bowling For Soup


Mary Lou Retton        Levar Burton             John Schneider


Survivor All Stars                         Ralphie May


Peter Billingsley


Guy Fieri                                         Dr. Bill Bass

    with radio legend Stan Freberg at the Museum of Television & Radio                        

Stan Freberg                                Jimmy Kimmel

    with actress/model Jenny McCarthy at KROQ                                with Paul Reubens and Lynne Marie Stewart (who played Pee-wee Herman and Miss Yvonne) at the Museum of Television & Radio

Jenny McCarthy            Paul Reubens & Lynne Stewart


Bobcat Goldthwait                 Marg Helgenberger

    with actor Jason Alexander at KABC/KLOS studios                                Kate Jackson visits Knoxville

Jason Alexander                        Kate Jackson

    with the lead singer of Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise on a barge on the Tennessee River                                with John Mayer and Sarah McClune in May 2002

Robert Bradley                            John Mayer

    Tina Wesson of Survivor 2 on my first day on the air in Knoxville    about a year later in the radio studio    another year, another studio

                           Tina Wesson

    with TV's Batgirl, Yvonne Craig, at the radio studio in June 2002            with TV's Lois Lane, Noel Neill, at the radio studio in June 2003                    Ed DelGrande from DIY put a new toilet in my house!

TV's Batgirl            TV's Lois Lane                TV's Ed The Plumber

  The Wizard of Oz radio play - April 17, 1998 - (left to right): Mary Oppermann, Tom Mazur, Lisa Boisse, Jess Harnell, Alan Young, Sandra Gould, Robert Goulet, Dwight Yoakam, Peter Scolari, Brian Phelps, Sheena Easton, Mark Thompson, Frank Murphy                        The Witch's Tale radio play - October 30, 1998 - (left to right): Tom Mazur, Jess Harnell, Julie Hagerty, Barry Williams, Roxann Dawson, Ted Levine, Judd Nelson, Bill Mumy, Brian Phelps, Mark Thompson, Frank Murphy                    A Christmas Carol radio play - December 11, 1998 - (left to right): Frank Murphy, Don LaFontaine, Christine Cavanaugh, Jess Harnell, Jenna Elfman, Mark Hamill, Brian Phelps, Roxann Dawson, Robert Urich, Henry Winkler, Mark Thompson

The Wizard of Oz        The Witch's Tale          A Christmas Carol

        I asked the cashier at Ribs USA how all these mostly unknown people got their pictures on the wall.  She said, "I think they just staple them up there themselves."                You can almost see the fat white bongo player above me to the left.

stapling my own photo to the wall at Ribs USA

    with an impressive Col. Sanders Look-alike                                    the WORLD'S LARGEST MOONPIE!

Chicken Festival                RC & MoonPie Festival   

    as Grand Marshal of Burbank on Parade                                    as emcee of Hula Hoop contest at Starlight Bowl

Burbank on Parade                    Starlight Bowl

    with the Batmobile at Barris Kustom Kars                                    outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit

TV's Batmobile        Detroit's Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

    in 2001 I stuffed 10 Peeps in my mouth; in 2002 I made it to 12; in 2003 I fit the entire contents of a 15 Peep package in my mouth at once and I hereby announce my retirement from Peep stuffing competition!!                                    Behind the wheel of the Peepsmobile

15 Marshmallow Peeps in my mouth at once (a new personal best!)

    I think I'm in the middle of Gower Street (photo by Pam Baker)                                     on Dilling Street in Studio City (photo by Pam Baker)  

Hollywood Sign                        Brady Bunch House

    out side the Bun Boy restaurant in Baker, California (photo by my lovely wife Jere)                                        in Metropolis, Illinois with my pet tortoise Mo at my feet (photo by my understanding wife Jere)

tallest thermometer            Metropolis, Illinois

    at Prairie Dog Town in Oakley, Kansas (photo by my patient wife Jere)                                        in Kansas, at Cawker City's number one tourist attraction (photo by my long suffering wife Jere)

Two Headed Calf                world's largest ball of twine!       






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