Wednesday, September 28, 2005

catching up

Doesn't Oprah sometimes do a whole show that updates what happened to guest of previous shows? Let's update some previous posts!

September 27:
The Black Family was the first team eliminated from "The Amazing Race: Family Edition." As a result, they won't get to compete in their home state of Virginia. The promos for next week's episode make it look like there will be a Civil War reenactment in Middleburg. USA Today has some links to help you plan a trip to the same places the racers have been.

September 21:
I suggested that MiG Ayesa would win if there was a show called "Rock Star: Queen." Brian May says that show will never happen. From what May writes on his website, it appears that he's friends with MiG.

September 20:
My friend went to the billionaire's wedding. She said there were two servers for each guest. Here's a link to a Washington Post article about the big day. She met Katie Couric there and hung out with her for a while.
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