Friday, September 30, 2005

the pressure's on now

Superblogger Les Jones made mention this week about a list of East Tennessee blogs compiled by Michael Silence on the Knoxville News Sentinel website. I assumed the list would consist of the smart bloggers like Glenn Reynolds and the members of the Rocky Top Brigade so I didn't look at it right away. Turns out that my daily postings of light extemporanea made the list! I'm complimented to be among such esteemed company although they're writing about politics and other worthy subjects while I'm filling space writing about television shows, corn dogs and obscure pop culture references.
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

housekeeping... hello? anyone there?

An article in USA Today says that some people enjoy staying in hotel rooms touched by scandal or celebrity death. I have one I can add to the list.

In 2002, my family and I spent one night in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. John Entwistle of The Who had died in that hotel two months earlier. I read somewhere that the hotel did not want to publicize the room number where Entwistle died. My curiosity was too strong so I asked two maids to tell me the room number. They told me that the rock star died in room 658. I found an online tour guide that says it was room 660 but I'm sticking with my sources. How appropriate that "CSI" uses a Who song for their theme.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

catching up

Doesn't Oprah sometimes do a whole show that updates what happened to guest of previous shows? Let's update some previous posts!

September 27:
The Black Family was the first team eliminated from "The Amazing Race: Family Edition." As a result, they won't get to compete in their home state of Virginia. The promos for next week's episode make it look like there will be a Civil War reenactment in Middleburg. USA Today has some links to help you plan a trip to the same places the racers have been.

September 21:
I suggested that MiG Ayesa would win if there was a show called "Rock Star: Queen." Brian May says that show will never happen. From what May writes on his website, it appears that he's friends with MiG.

September 20:
My friend went to the billionaire's wedding. She said there were two servers for each guest. Here's a link to a Washington Post article about the big day. She met Katie Couric there and hung out with her for a while.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

call him Boudu the Box Turtle

It rained yesterday and a lot of leaves fell in the pool. Around 8 last night I lifted the lid off the skimmer and found a box turtle struggling to stay above water. Box turtles are land tortoises and can drown. Luckily there were enough leaves clogging the skimmer that it gave him some footing and bought him some extra time. I let him go near a wood pile outside the fence around the pool.

Before you make any turtle soup jokes, let me say that it's just an unfortunate coincidence I was wearing a Food Network t-shirt last night.
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"The Amazing Race: Family Edition" debuts tonight. I have a friend who saw them filming in Middleburg, Virginia during July. Now that the photos of the families are online, my friend says that the team she saw was the Godlewski family.

The CBS website identifies each group by their family name. For example they have "The Godlewski Family," "The Gaghan Family," "The Weaver Family," etc. There is one African-American family competing in the race. They live in Woodbridge, Virginia (hey, I used to live there) and have been shown in many of the promos wearing their tie-dye shirts. Their last name is Black, which means they are identified on the website as "The Black Family." Do you think the words "The Black Family" will appear on TV every time they are shown during the race? We'll find out tonight.
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Monday, September 26, 2005

invasion of the corn dog army

National Corn Dog Month is almost over and I only found out about it yesterday! Weigel's (a local convenience store) is promoting it heavily as this photo shows:

For some reason, the corn dogs are wearing World War 1 helmets and carrying American flags. They seem to be holding the flags with their little corn tails (I think those are tails). The campaign must be working. The store was sold out when I was there.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

no articulated lorries allowed

A few weeks back, the News Sentinel sent a reporter to our improv show. They plan to include us in a video story on their website. Today's paper has an editorial describing their new "vlog." I've been checking the "Random This" page every so often to see if the video story has been posted. It isn't there yet but I found some other worthwhile stuff including a Sunday tour of local adult bookstores. The best part comes one minute and 48 seconds into the report when you can see a sign prohibiting a certain type of truck from parking in at a business on Clinton Highway.
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Saturday, September 24, 2005

atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed

"Batman" is still my favorite TV show (and needs to be released on DVD). I watched the reruns every afternoon when I was a kid. I may not have driven the Batmobile to my wedding like KROQ's Ralph Garman, but I did get to sit in it once.

Imagine my delight this week when the Best Week Ever blog posted a link to another link that ultimately led to a page about a network presentation for a "Batgirl" spin-off. Batgirl didn't get her own show but was instead added to the cast of "Batman." I have an old photo with Adam West that still needs to be scanned but here's a (poorly cropped) photo with Yvonne Craig from 2002:

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Friday, September 23, 2005

now we wanna publish blogs instead of 'zines

This morning I saw an ad in the paper for the Disc Exchange. The ad said that the band Harvey Danger had released their first CD in about five years. I pointed out the ad to Marc & Kim (off air) and mentioned that I really liked the band's one hit from the '90s, "Flagpole Sitta." Marc said that he has worked in Top 40 radio for 15 years and had never heard of the song. Huh? Was this song only a hit on the West Coast? Or only on alternative radio? My teenage son remembered the song when he heard me humming it this afternoon. It was included on Volume 1 of the "Now That's What I Call Music" CD series and got MTV airplay.

I found a couple of articles online that seem to back up my thinking. A 1998 article from Willamette Week had this paragraph:
Harvey Danger released its debut CD on a tiny New York independent label, the Arena Rock Recording Company, in early 1997, garnering positive reviews in the regional rock press. Nelson handed copies of the album to a few DJs at Seattle's KNDD, which like KNRK is owned by the Philadelphia-based Entercom, and they began to spin a variety of tracks from the CD. One song in particular, "Flagpole Sitta," caught on with listeners, who began phoning in requests for it with such regularity that the program director added it to the rotation.
A 1998 article from Seattle Weekly includes the following paragraph:
With "Flagpole Sitta" getting national radio airplay, Harvey Danger became instantly interesting to the majors. "We're not something London [Records] thinks is going to be marketable," Nelson notes. "We're something that's already sold." Subsequent events bear this out: During the week of April 14, KNDD has 32 singles in rotation, with Harvey Danger at no. 1, getting 45 spins a week--above such proven hit-makers as Garbage and Pearl Jam.
Do you remember "Flagpole Sitta"? What are your favorite one-hit wonders from the '90s?
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royal flush potholders and light up signs

Last night's season premiere of "CSI," was okay but not great. I must have been a little bored because during the show I decided to look at the website mentioned on the plastic bag that the "housewife/stripper" was wearing. It turned out to be a real site: I guess I was hoping for a fake site with clues to the mystery like one of the ones ABC hosts for "Lost": or a funny site like the one Fox has for "Arrested Development":
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

hearts, stars and horseshoes, clovers and blue moons

Last week the St. Petersburg Times reported that former teacher Debra Lafave had some "unique" personal grooming habits. There's now a word for this expression of one's personal style. According to the radio commercials for Ideal Image, it's called a "Flair-do." I hear that it involves a piece of metal that could be described as a reverse cookie cutter.

Lafave, like some of the other teachers accused of impropriety, is an attractive woman. I don't know about you but when I was in grade school, we didn't have any teachers worthy of a Van Halen song. A former classmate recently sent these old snapshots of our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers, so you can see what I mean.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

analogous to Clay Aiken

INXS picked their new lead singer last night. MiG, the guy I thought they should have chosen, only came in third. Third? Shouldn't he at least have come in second? The blogosphere has plenty of comments. The guy they chose did write an okay song called "Pretty Vegas" but I think I'll just say goodbye and wish best of luck to INXS in their future endeavors.

At the end of last night's show, Brooke Burke actually solicited for entries for next year's series. That's optimistic, considering the ratings.
What other bands need a lead singer? Could MiG go back on the show and get a job singing for Queen?
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

how about a toaster or a blender or a crock pot?

My friend in MIddleburg just sent an email asking what she should give a billionaire as a wedding gift. She was invited to Sheila Johnson's wedding, which will be the big social event in town this weekend. Since Sheila bought the Mystics, I thought she might like a souvenir from the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville. But first we should probably check to see if the couple is registered at Target.
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Monday, September 19, 2005

game called on account of brain

I had the opportunity to play quizmaster on the radio this morning. The two contestants didn't fare too well. The first listener to get ten correct answers would win. We never made it that far.

Here are the questions the female listener got right:

Who plays Bree on "Desperate Housewives"?
What Southern flower did Ellen Degeneres wear on her lapel during the Emmys last night?
When talking about sleep, what does R.E.M. stand for?
What company did Sam Walton start?
What local county is known for its tomatoes?

Here is the question that the male listener got right:

What hot wings restaurant first opened in Clearwater, Florida, in October 1983?

Here are the questions neither one could get:

What is on the back of the $20 bill?
What is on the back of the $10 bill?
What is the name of Britney Spears' first husband?
What did the USA celebrate in 1976?
What famous product is made of pork shoulder and ham?
Who became president when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
What is the most common disease in the world?
What neighboring country has more than 50% of the world's lakes?
What is Stuart Weitzman famous for designing?
Who was the second man on the moon?
What is the last name of Harry Potter's friend Hermione?
Where did Elisabeth Hasselbeck go to film "Survivor"?
What does Elisabeth Hasselbeck's husband do for a living?
What did Bart Simpson find in the Sunsphere?
What springy headwear was popular at the 1982 World's Fair?

Go ahead and post the answers that you know in the comments section. I want to know if the questions are too hard or if our listeners were just distracted. One was playing the game while driving.
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Sunday, September 18, 2005

please define irony

While checking the spelling of my previous post, I discovered that the spell checker does not recognize the word "blog." I clicked "learn" so maybe they'll figure it out.

In other blog news, this is post number 101. Whoop whoop ding ding!
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everything happens for a reason

For TV fans like me, the website is like a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (glazed chocolate cake, please) next to the coffee pot at work. You need self control to avoid overdoing it. If you're a true fan of "Lost" or "Smallville," "Arrested Development" or any of the other series featured on the site, how do you resist the temptation to read about what's going to happen in future episodes? Ever since the link to SpoilerFix was posted in last week's Hip Clicks blog, I have been going to the site but stopping myself from reading too much.
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

karma is a funny thing

"My Name Is Earl" is one of the most anticipated TV series of new Fall season. The show was created by Greg Garcia, a former intern at WAVA. He also created the semi-autobiographical series "yes, dear." A couple of years ago Greg participated in the WAVA e-reunion I put together. Just recently he used that page to contact another WAVA alumni, Bean Baxter, after "My Name Is Earl" was a topic on KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show.

On the day Greg moved to L.A., he came to visit me at KPWR. We chatted about his ambitions for a little while and I suggested that he take the elevator to the Central Casting office in that same building. The next day he was working as an extra in a prom scene on "Beverly Hills 90210."

Here's your homework assignment: watch "My Name is Earl" on Tuesday night especially if you are a Nielsen family.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

be a stalkerazzi and win

Celebrities complaining about paparazzi has almost become a regular feature on "Access Hollywood." Last night they had a story about the quest for the first photo of Britney Spears' baby. Other celebrity moms described the way photographers stalked them and their new babies.

Meanwhile CBS started a contest last night that turns average Americans into paparazzi. You could win a new SUV by snapping a digital photo of certain stars as they drive around. The difference is that these stars want more fame. They are all former "Survivor" contestants. At least you know they won't flee and get into an accident like Lindsay Lohan or Scarlett Johansson.
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

do fries go with that stent?

The South is known as the Sun Belt, the Bible Belt and now the Stroke Belt. Our local hospitals post billboards along I-40 to hype their skills at treating heart attacks, strokes and other ailments. Recently I visited a patient in the cardiac unit at one hospital that boasts about its heart care. I walked through the hospital cafeteria and was surprised to see fried chicken, fried ham & cheese sandwiches, chili cheese dogs and several other greasy foods for sale. Around these parts it's almost as if a coronary bypass is considered elective surgery, like a nose job in Beverly Hills.
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save this for when you need it

This morning I noticed that has had a major update to its site. It offers a lot of features to those who need to check email on the go.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

click five

One of our morning showprep services highlights a different website each day. They've had some good ones recently. Here are featured sites from the past few days: - sound effects to help you get off the phone - trade books with other readers - translate the abbreviations used in instant messages - answers to your burning questions

And one that Kent Blackwelder (from "Big Brother 2") told me about: - info on reality show stars
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

some folks call it a Kaiserbox

It sounds too good to be true. A device that lets you watch the content from your home TV on your computer anywhere in the world. If I had one, I could take my laptop to the beach or to a fun food festival and still keep up with the local shows from home. It's called a Slingbox. Their website explains it better than me. I would like to hear from anybody who has one. Do you love it? Should I start saving up for one?
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Monday, September 12, 2005

hail victory

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey sang "America the Beautiful" before Sunday's Redskins game. For some reason Nick pronounced it "Omerica" instead of "America." Why is it that while she's singing, Jessica Simpson looks like a cartoon?

Dick Stockton, Daryl "Moose" Johnston and Tony "The Goose" Siragusa were the announcers for the game. I enjoy watching them because one time last year I'm sure I heard Siragusa saying, "Moose, Dick, back to you."
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...and you are?

A relief telethon is a nice way to raise money after a tragedy. We've had them after 9/11, the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. The format is mostly the same. Somber celebrities ask for donations between musical performances. There's a simple backdrop of candles or a billowing cloth. Most of the performers are recognizable but there are always some you can't identify. Especially if a group like, oh I don't know maybe Foo Fighters, is doing an obscure cover song instead of one of their own hits. Is there a reason why they don't put up a graphic with the name of the artist? Is it considered crass self-promotion? I think it's more arrogant of the performers to assume that we all know who they are. MTV and VH1 had some sort of relief telethon over the weekend and they flashed the names of the bands at the start of each song. It didn't look bad at all. PBS will have to show the names of the performers during their telethon this Saturday. I don't know about you but I don't think I could pick Diana Krall or Dianne Reeves out of a lineup.
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Sunday, September 11, 2005


In memory of Captain Terence S. Hatton FDNY

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

with Bob Dole and Mike Ditka on play-by-play

The college football coverage on Jefferson Pilot Sports has a new feature this year. The electronic first down marker is purple and sponsored by a medication. Every so often an animated purple pill rolls across the field and leaves the line behind it. It's only a matter of time before other drug companies want in on the action. The dumping of the water bucket on the coach's head could be sponsored by the "gotta go gotta go gotta go right now" pill. The instant replays could be sponsored by the adult ADD pill. And we all know which pills will want to sponsor the uprights.
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Friday, September 09, 2005

hot molten toys

The Mold-A-Rama that I saw recently at the Knoxville Zoo caused a wave of nostalgia. I have a distant childhood memory of getting a plastic dinosaur from a Mold-A-Rama at the New York World's Fair. I also think I got a plastic sailfish from a Mold-A-Rama at the Miami Seaquarium. More recently I remember seeing some Mold-A-Ramas around the Los Angeles area. I think there was one at the Griffith Observatory. There's a website called Moldaramaville with lots of photos and links. Anybody else remember them?
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has she been to Knoxville?

J.K. Rowling is fighting back against digital piracy by making the audio versions of the Harry Potter books available via iTunes. According to her website, fans have stumbled upon the unauthorized files and believed them to be genuine even if the content is unlike anything Rowling has written. I have to admit that just for a moment I thought she could have been referring to my fake ending to "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" despite the fact that we never posted the audio online.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

unfair accusation dropped

This morning's news had a story about a gas station owner accused of price gouging. One report didn't even used the word "allegedly." With a listener's help, we found the phone number so Marc & Kim could call the gas station owner and ask why he was charging $7 a gallon. Jess Whitlock said that he was falsely accused and that his gas was only $3.50 a gallon. The customer who filed the complaint saw a sign on the pumps saying that she would have to pay double and got confused. Mr. Whitlock explained that the sign on the street showed the correct price of $3.50 a gallon. But his old gas pumps could only go up to $2.99 so he set them at $1.75 a gallon and put a note on the pump informing customers that they would pay double the amount shown on the pump. Later today a follow up news report explained that the attorney general was withdrawing the lawsuit.
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that's a spicy mustard

My wife bought some Beer 'n Brat Mustard for me to try. I've been using it on sandwiches and hot dogs. It's so spicy that it makes my eyes tear up but I love it. What's the spiciest food or condiment that you like?
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

battle of the network chefs

The food section of today's News Sentinel has a feature story about the Food Network special taped in Knoxville on Saturday. I was there to watch and take pictures for the blog. The newspaper article has much more detail for any "foodies" who might be reading.
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the audience will be gasping

Here is an actual press release that I received last week:

Los Angeles - On October 7, four legendary artists will be honored for their contributions to the under-appreciated genre of bubblegum music at the 2nd biannual Bubblegum Achievement Awards. The ceremony honoring Steve Barri (Lancelot Link), Ron Dante (Archies "Sugar Sugar"), Joey Levine (Ohio Express ­ "Yummy Yummy Yummy") and novelty DJ Dr. Demento will be preceded by a spectacular new marionette show written and performed by master puppeteer Bob Baker, who for more than 60 years has amazed the kids of Los Angeles -- and their parents -- with his inventive and exquisite creations, but who rarely performs at his own theater.

Bob Baker's puppets have performed for hundreds of film, television and commercial clients, working with stars like Elvis Presley, Judy Garland and the Three Stooges. For the Bubblegum Awards show, Bob Baker dug deep into his massive collection of rare record albums to find the perfect soundtrack to express the horrors of Halloween and the giddy, silly pleasures of bubblegum.

Every Bob Baker puppet show has a show-stopping number, often using black light to startling effect. For the Bubblegum Awards show, Bob is creating a program that's nothing but show-stoppers, calibrated to keep the audience gasping from start to finish. Among vignettes featured are a bubblegum-powered dance of the gumdrops, an Asian-themed umbrella ballet, a visit from a wacky spaceship brigade from Venus, and an outrageous Monster Rally starring all of Bob's beloved ghoul, goblin, vampire and skeleton marionettes.

For more info on the Bubblegum Awards, visit

I think I'm busy that day. Really. I'm not kidding. I just did a Google search and found something else that day.
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

huge crowd pleaser

Boomsday, a huge fireworks display, lit up Knoxville on Sunday night.

The weather was absolutely perfect as people arrived starting at 3pm.

Kent Blackwelder of "Big Brother 2" was helping a friend of his sell BBQ. Kim Hansard and Justin Buznedo gave me a ride up to the Henley Street bridge where the Pyro Shows command post was located.

I was able to get up close and personal with the shells before they blew up.

I decided to take some pictures even though most of them resemble what you see on the first night after Lasik surgery. In addition to the usual bursts, some fireworks looked like smiley faces, stars and other shapes.

The crowd especially loved the orange fireworks set off to the tune of "Rocky Top" and the waterfall effect to the tune of "Rhapsody In Blue." This last shot is of the finale.
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Monday, September 05, 2005

down the hatch

The new TV season means that I have to plan my viewing. But I also have to remember what happened on my favorite shows at the end of last season. This article from USA Today helps. So does the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005

girl with a pearl icing

Yesterday we bought a birthday cake for my mother at the grocery store. My wife noticed how much the young lady decorating the cakes resembled Scarlett Johansson. We told her that we meant it as a compliment and she replied that she hears it all the time. That's when I decided to take her picture:

Her name is Xerriel, which she said means "messenger of the angels."
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ape masks cause muffled voices

When I was in grammar school, "Planet of the Apes" was adapted into a TV series. I must have really liked it because I got all my classmates to sign a petition protesting its cancellation. Last week I noticed "Planet of the Apes" in the TiVo listings for the SciFi Channel. I recorded an episode called "The Horse Race" and watched it with my son. I need to apologize to all the kids who signed my petition. That show deserved to be canceled.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005

burger meisters

Food Network stars Paula Deen and Bobby Flay were in town this morning to shoot a special called "Tricked Out Tailgating." Terry Morrow's column in yesterday's paper had all the details. Despite the current price of gas, I had to drive down to UT and watch for a while.

I arrived just as the taping began. In the first segment, the two teams had to prepare burgers.

Paula was teamed with this year's Memphis in May grand champions. Bobby's team consisted of UT fraternity brothers. The judges were from Memphis in May, UT and the American Tailgaters Association.

I was hoping to get Paula and Bobby to sign my Food Network hat. The closest I got to either of them was a photo with Paula's husband, Michael Anthony Groover.

I finally got some pictures of Bobby when it was time for the judging.

Before they started the Chicken Wing competition, I tried to get a little closer. The guy in the ref suit took his job very seriously and escorted me out of the area. As I was leaving, Paula was sneaking a cigarette break behind the trailer. I waved and she waved back.
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Friday, September 02, 2005

ten things I have to get off my chest

  1. Hurricane victims need help.
  2. Those of us far away want to do something to help them.
  3. Sometimes our good efforts can be misguided.
  4. Collecting food and bottled water in a tractor trailer looks great on TV, especially if you have wrapped the truck with your radio station's banners.
  5. The Executive Director of our local chapter of the American Red Cross says do not send water or other goods.
  6. The "big three" charities (Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way) all say that monetary donations are best.
  7. The charities use the cash to buy needed items in bulk, getting a better value than whatever you paid for a 12 pack of bottled water at the grocery store.
  8. Items purchased in bulk can be distributed more fairly. Who gets the half liter bottles you donated when the rest of the truck is full of one liter bottles?
  9. If people can't get out of the afflicted area, how is your radio station's truck going to get in?
  10. Some of us can tell the difference between a true fund raising effort and a sales promotion for a grocery store which is accepting food donations in their parking lot.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005

that'll do pig

One of our neighbors has a crabapple tree. Another neighbor has a miniature pig as a pet. Last night the guy with the pig took it for a walk around the block and stopped at the house with the crabapples. I grabbed the camera and went over to watch the pig eat. I found out that the pig's name is Phoebe Marie. She was invited over to help clean up the yard by eating fallen crabapples. Apparently the apples are more bitter than usual this year and the humans who own the tree aren't eating them.

Earlier this year the crabapple tree owners pruned it back and left the branches by the curb. My son and I grabbed most of the wood and put it under our deck to dry out. We plan to use it in the BBQ smoker this fall. Don't worry, Phoebe Marie won't be invited. Or served.
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call 1(800) help-now

Obviously our thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama this week.

The entertainment industry is making an effort to help those in need. NBC and MTV announced that they will broadcast concerts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. On the NBC show, artists with ties to the affected area will perform. So far they've announced that Harry Connick Jr. and Tim McGraw will participate. I want to find someone I can email at NBC to suggest that they also invite Buckwheat Zydeco, Better Than Ezra and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Morgan Freeman is organizing an auction for hurricane relief at the Charity Folks website. I hope all the other celebrities who did so much for tsunami relief 8 months ago will help again.
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