Tuesday, September 27, 2005


"The Amazing Race: Family Edition" debuts tonight. I have a friend who saw them filming in Middleburg, Virginia during July. Now that the photos of the families are online, my friend says that the team she saw was the Godlewski family.

The CBS website identifies each group by their family name. For example they have "The Godlewski Family," "The Gaghan Family," "The Weaver Family," etc. There is one African-American family competing in the race. They live in Woodbridge, Virginia (hey, I used to live there) and have been shown in many of the promos wearing their tie-dye shirts. Their last name is Black, which means they are identified on the website as "The Black Family." Do you think the words "The Black Family" will appear on TV every time they are shown during the race? We'll find out tonight.
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Blogger Big Red and White said...

These jackasses are NEVER going to win! They look like dumb blonds! And to see them first hand, they didn't look that bright! Their camera crew didn't know what they were doing either. One of them almost fell into the muck tub at Fox Chase Farm!

Blogger Big Red and White said...

Why does the 'black' family remind me of the Dave Chapell sketch? The "N" family.

Anonymous Greg said...

Do you think anyone who tuned in just in time to see Phil say "Black family you have been eliminated" wondered if earlier in the show he had said "dysfuncional family.....", "stupid family.....", "frankly, ugly family". It makes you wonder


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