Friday, September 09, 2005

hot molten toys

The Mold-A-Rama that I saw recently at the Knoxville Zoo caused a wave of nostalgia. I have a distant childhood memory of getting a plastic dinosaur from a Mold-A-Rama at the New York World's Fair. I also think I got a plastic sailfish from a Mold-A-Rama at the Miami Seaquarium. More recently I remember seeing some Mold-A-Ramas around the Los Angeles area. I think there was one at the Griffith Observatory. There's a website called Moldaramaville with lots of photos and links. Anybody else remember them?
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Anonymous jess :) said...

when i was a very young child (I never say very small; that doesn't help place years), the LA Zoo had those machines. I got one (I can't remember what of) and remember smelling the thing. It smelled of wax, but different than crayons.
thanks for the memory!


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