Monday, December 05, 2005


Ever wonder why there's a list of "blogs I like" on the right hand side of this page? Sure, I encourage you to click on them and read what I've been reading. Mostly the links are there for me to use no matter which computer I'm on. They're a traveling list of favorites or bookmarks. Over the weekend I had time to click on all of them and find some interesting stuff. Here's the best of what I found:

Chocolate covered Oreos (5th item) from The Buzz List
Cynthia Watros' mugshot from Defamer
An eclectic Christmas song playlist from Left of the Dial
A reminder about Johnia Berry from Les Jones
The Quote of the Day from PopWatch
New TiVo features from PVRblog
A review of the Hollywood Christmas Parade from Perry Simon
A photo of Jessica Simpson's weird lips from The Superficial
Not one but two updates on January's TV schedule from Terry Morrow
A french fry holder (7th item) from The Wire

Honorable mention must go to a couple of other blogs I've been reading but haven't added to the "official blogroll" yet:

An excerpt from a TV pilot script from Ken Levine
A link to the off the menu items at In-n-Out from Jessica's Diary
Brat Mitzvah photos from The Marc & Kim and Frank Radio Network
An amazing electromagnetic theory from Get Lost with M&K and F

Okay, those last two are a little self serving but still worth a click.
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Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Do you recall the one season Ken Levine tried his hand at MLB announcing for the Baltimore Orioles?

I'm glad he went back to writing comedy.


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