Monday, January 02, 2006

float, float on

As it turns out, I may have chosen poorly when deciding which network's coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade to record on my TiVo. I was counting on the traditional cheesy interaction between Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards. It seemed like KTLA had demoted Stephanie. She had to sit out in the rain with a hand held microphone that she didn't know how to use. Several bloggers spent the day writing about the KTLA drama. Take a look at Martini Republic, 2Cents, Memo To: and LA Observed.

Why would anyone buy a souvenir DVD of this year's parade from KTLA? Maybe the parents of the band members would want one. Why do all the characters on Raul Rodriguez designed floats look like they're related?

ABC made more of an effort this year by having Teri Hatcher and James Denton co-host their parade coverage. Unfortunately both NBC and ABC ended their coverage before the Burbank float arrived. I thought HGTV would ignore the Media City but they were just stalling while a tow truck was summoned. Burbank's float broke down and won the Bob Hope Humor Trophy. Actually they won the trophy before breaking down. The tow truck only added to the comedy.

The weather in Knoxville was almost as bad as the weather in Pasadena. I lost DirecTV reception for a few minutes during a thunderstorm. Several of the floats looked like they were melting in the rain. If they had broken from tradition and held the parade on Sunday, what would the weather have been like?
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Blogger joseph mailander said...

Great photo! We clipped it. Let us know if it's a problem.

Anonymous Christine said...

I am so bummed that Stephanie wasn't up there with Bob. It was bad enough not being able to watch the parade on New Year's Day, and now this. KTLA blew it. Anyway, Googling about this calamity led me to your site (and Bean's!), so that's a good thing. I'm an old KROQ listener and remember your name well from the 90s.

Anonymous MOP said...

Stephanie Edwards should just go away. It was destined to rain on her first gig as a "roaming co-host" because she's so damn annoying. At least she's not doing those stupid Lucky's ads anymore.


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