Friday, April 07, 2006

green eggs

This blog has a new "comment champion" and her name is Abby Ham. On March 13, I wrote about Abby, a local weekend news anchor who impressed me with her talent and looks. As of tonight, that blog entry has generated 25 comments, which is about 25 more than almost every other entry except for one. The previous comment champ (with 22) was Laura Ortiz, the funny caffeinated cheerleader in a T-Mobile commercial who I wrote about on November 12. In both cases it is disappointing that some of the anonymous comments come from people with remarkably poor vocabularies.

At least one reader "gets it" and has posted comments that are in the fun-loving spirit I have tried to establish. The other day he sent the following email:
Frank! Love your site. I found it by google-ing Abby Ham. I have posted on your Abby Ham page under Ed Munster. Anyway on to the point of my email, I have 2 pictures I took of Abby that I thought you may want to post on your 'who's hottie' page.
I wrote back:
Thanks for the kind words, Ed. I would love to share your Abby photos. All I did was take a picture of my TV while the TiVo was on pause. I realize the quality was marginal but I was doing it more for comedy than beauty. It makes my day when I receive blog comments. Yours are better than most, as you can tell by reading the messages trying to tear down Abby Ham's physique.
And he replied:
Well I took these while my DVR (from Charter) was on pause as well. I am not a great photographer, but I try. I took one when the news started, and one more while she was smiling (and it is not a fake smile). I am not sure if the quality is better than yours, but you can look at them. You know Frank, I just can not believe these people are trying to pick her apart. I think she is very pretty. My wife aggravates me when Abby is on the news, saying 'there is your woman.'
Here are the photos that Ed sent. If you're interested, I found a story with video on the WBIR website that lets you watch Abby at the anchor desk.

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Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Thank you Frank for updating the Abby page with my email to you and the pictures. Even her footage the other day during the storms with her hair not fixed and no make-up on, she still looked hot.

Anonymous bjorn said...

I am sad that I am searching for info on Abby Ham instead of working. This means that I have to stay up later. Darn you hotty news anchors!!!

Anonymous Ed Munster said...

Amen to Hotty News Anchors. Abby is HOT!

Blogger Diznee5009 said...


Frank Murphy wants us all to know that Abby Ham is beautiful, talented, and very easy on the eyes. However, long before Abby Ham, there was Tara Lynne. The georgeous auburn-haired beauty from the Live at Five broadcasts. Who's better, who's prettier, who's "hotter." I'm not saying. Those of you who remember Tara can recall how cute she was..............and what about Jennifer Mabe, (no longer with WBIR.) Teresa Woodard( no longer with WBIR), Kay Watson, Robin Wilhoit, etc.

Here's what I am proposing to Frank Murphy. Let's give ALL our female news anchors equal time. They are ALL talented and beautiful.

I hereby introduce the:

WBIR News Divas Fan Club

Frank, I await your reply. Diznee5009

Blogger Diznee5009 said...

I apologize.

I regretfully left out the names of Beth Haynes, Herryn Riendeau,
Moira Kaye,Robin Murdoch, LaSaundra Brown, and last but not least,Julya Johnson.

Blogger Diznee5009 said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Diznee5009 said...

Michelle Silva, too!

Anonymous Eillen Gallego said...

Hello Frank. I am not really from Knoxville or the states for that matter. I am from the Philippines but am here in Knoxville visiting my fiance. Every morning when we take his daughter to school, we tune in to your station and I hear you and Mark and Kim talk about anything and everything everyday... and this topic about Abby Ham captured my attention for the last few days or so that's why I googled her. Hahaha... And yes, I would say she's one pretty woman although I have not seen her "in action" yet. I would definitely want to hear her live newscasting. But that can wait... meanwhile, this is what I have to say: I truly admire you Frank. I even see you at church on Sundays sometimes. More power to you!! Keep up the great job you're doing!! Ciao!

Blogger drum guy said...

I would have to say as far as "reading the news" she is one of the best Wbir has to offer.She also looks very good as frank says,so hopefully one day we will see her on at 6 and 11.I hope they dont make her look 40 in the future as chanel 5 has done to kelly parker.
P.S go josh roe and good luck with abby.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When she was in Parkersburg the whole area thought she was pregnant. She was about 20 pounds heavier then went on a major dieting binge. I guess she is keeping of the weight?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why WTAP fans don't comment on Katie Sabatino, who is the hottest reporter in WTAP history--hotter than Abby. Katie now works for WJAC in Johnstown, PA....but Abby Ham is still hot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the last person to post making the remark about Katie Sabatino needs his eyes checked

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Munster had posted on another blog about Abby's feet? Wondering how cute they were? Well I count myself very fortunate to have seen them during one of those one on one newscasts on the tele, and being that I too truely appriciate a cute pair of feet, all I can say is WOW, any chance she needs a personal foot massuer?

Anonymous Parkersburg Frank said...

I miss Abby. I'm from P'burg, and decided to Google her to see where she is working now. It was a shame to lose her, but I'm sure she's at a better network now. WTAP isn't the greatest. Another good anchor just left, Denise Alex. It was always a pleasure to see them co-anchoring the news together. They made it fun. Anyway, yes, Abby is smokin. It was much nicer to look at her than the ones they have on WTAP now. Blech.
Love you Abby!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too was a fan of the WTAP news team of Denise Alex and Abby Ham. When Abby left for Knoxville Denise held down the fort and did a stellar job! She made a big jump to Columbus, Ohio where I see her anchor the news all the time. WTAP is left with a talentless bunch except for the legend Todd Baucher. Bring Denise and Abby back.

Anonymous Anonymous said...



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