Saturday, May 27, 2006

barter sauce

Jennifer B. read about my need for smaller t-shirts and responded quickly. While in Los Angeles for the LA Marathon, she had received a free Asics t-shirt with the purchase of some underwear. Maybe finishing the race gave her one of those runner's highs that affected her judgment. She didn't want the shirt and it happened to be the right size for me. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Working at a radio station has helped me score two more free t-shirts. I was given one of the Flavor Decision '06 shirts that the Mayfield Dairy people dropped off after a morning show interview. The program director of Star 102.1 contributed to my wardrobe by giving me a 102 Days of Summer shirt.

I'm thinking of going to Oak Ridge for lunch on my next birthday. I've heard that Big Ed's Pizza gives customers a free t-shirt on their birthday. Is that true? My old shirt from there is size XXL. Speaking of East Tennessee traditions, I still wish I knew were to find one of those Cas Walker shirts like Johnny Knoxville wore on TV.

You can get a plug for your company by sending me a free size L t-shirt. The same rules still apply. After all the mentions on this blog, don't you think a certain news anchor should have sent me a free shirt by now?
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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Frank, I don't know if you know but there's a Cas Walker Store at Dollywood. You may be able to get a shirt there. Not sure, last time I was there I didn't go in there.
Good luck!

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

I love getting free t-shirts via the radio station. Perks!

I just got an early version of this year's Tennessee Valley Fair '06 t-shirt from those good folks (I'm MC'ing one of their concerts again).

I have a t-shirt that Con Hunley's label sent me and I LOVE it. It's black with blue/purple trim. Had I seen a shirt like that in a store, I'd have bought one.

We're making some t-shirts for our Fire On The Water show for the 4th of July weekend. Frank, when they come in I'll send you one!

Blogger Aaron Campbell said...

Go to CIDERVILLE MUSIC in Claxton and get a CAS WALKER shirt there.

Aaron Campbell


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