Thursday, August 17, 2006

the medium apple

What do radio people do when they're on vacation? They take a tour of a radio station in another city, of course. Today I stopped by WINC in Winchester, Virginia to visit my friend Paula Kidwell who is the midday deejay there. Paula and I were classmates at The Final Four's George Mason University. If you were watching the WINC webcam shortly before 2pm today, you would have seen me getting the tour.

One of my big questions was answered when I saw their top of the hour liner. A liner is a sentence that all the deejays read at the appropriate times. The staff pronounces WINC like the word wink. They mention the names of business that are listening at work, or as they say "winking at work." My daughter wondered if winking at work could be considered a form of harassment, but that's beside the point right now. I was curious if they wrote "WINCing at work" on the liners because it might only be a matter of time before some deejay said "wincing" instead of "winking." They avoid the possible danger by spelling it with a K on the liners.

Paula introduced me to some of her co-workers from WINC and their sister station, WWRT. Kym, one of the deejays from the classic rock station said that her father looked exactly like me when he was my age. Not sure whether to be complimented or insulted, I asked how old she thought I was. I was definitely complimented when she guessed I was ten years younger than I am.

The current music on WINC-FM is terrific. It was just about the only station I listened to while in Northern Virginia. It must have been WINC-AM that gave Patsy Cline her first big break. The "Patsy Cline microphone" is on display
in the radio station lobby. It looked like an old AM mic. Tourists flock to Winchester to see places where Patsy lived and worked. Naturally, I wanted to have my picture made with my friend Paula in front of the famous microphone.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea Frank and I'll bet you could even get another 5 years if you shaved that beard too. I'm guessing that it's a leftover from the 'days of fat'???

Blogger Heather said...

U seem like you are having so much fun. I love the fact that you keep yourself so entertained

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Frank you ROCK! Thanx for all the kewl pics and information.

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

I rarely go through Winchester on my way to Maryland. I usually exit I-81 at Route 340 and go through Harper's Ferry in Maryland.

Thanks for the virtual tour.

Blogger Aaron Campbell said...

What else is good to do in Winchester, I have to go there soon!


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