Friday, August 18, 2006

what's the buzz

A local radio station is broadcasting a high school football game tonight. The program is called the "Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic Game of the Week." Can you think of a more appropriate title sponsor?

Tonight's game is Knoxville Catholic at Smith County High School in Carthage, Tennessee. The sports station is trying something different on their FM signal. Instead of rotating among different schools, this season they are going to broadcast all of Knoxville Catholic's games.

During the halftime recap by the announcers, I could hear the marching band in the background. What songs did Smith County select to entertain their guests from Catholic High? A medley of tunes from "Jesus Christ Superstar."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ Superstar? What is this, 1973?

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Exactly anonymous...

Anonymous Lance said...

JCS? That's great. Pellissippi State is having a production in the spring


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