Saturday, March 31, 2007

funny girl

Her name is Lisa and she looks a lot like Kathryn Morris, the actress who stars in "Cold Case." That's all I know about my new improv crush. I also know that she stood out as the best among an excellent cast that I saw in two shows last night at The Comedy Warehouse, one of the nightclubs at Disney's Pleasure Island. After the 11:30 show, we got immediately got back in line for the 12:30 show. Here's me between the two performances:

The Comedy Warehouse improvisers specialize in singing games. My family and I especially liked how they sang some made-up tabloid headlines in the style of 16th century madrigals. They also did some non-musical games that we could try in Knoxville at a future Einstein Simplified show. I would like to try "Forward/Reverse" and a variation of "Game Show" called "Schmeopardy" in which the audience provides the answers and the improvisers (as the contestants) provide the answers.

Lisa is briefly mentioned in an online review of the Comedy Warehouse from 2004. The review also mentions Matt, our other favorite player from last night and gives some love to their super talented keyboardist, Carol Stein. I have tried Googling all the word combinations I can think of to learn about this Lisa with no success. Maybe someday she will Google herself, find this blog entry and tell us more about herself. Hey, it worked with Abby Ham.

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