Monday, January 07, 2008

local news anchor on pot

Chef Walter made a chicken and macaroni bake on the noon news today. As best as I can recall, the main ingredients were butter, cheese, heavy cream and more butter. At the end he threw in some chunks of chicken and some frozen peas and carrots. He topped it with bread crumbs and (of course) butter. When the camera zoomed in for a close-up of the stove, I saw something move where I didn't expect it. It was the reflection of a cameraman or maybe the floor director walking off to the right. Then I noticed Stacy McCloud on the left of the pot, watching from the wings.

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Anonymous Worried in Knoxville said...

Frank, I'm a little worried about you here. You mean to say that you're looking so closely at the TV that you can see a reflection in the pan that they're cooking in?

I mean, I can see it from your photo too. But do you really watch that closely?

Anonymous Stacy McCloud said...


I just read this after I got a google alert associating my name with being on "pot" and I'm cracking up!! You are great!

I'm not worried at all you are simply a very observant person :)

Have a great weekend.

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Thanks Stacy. I'm glad you see the humor. I am observant but a good deal of credit has to go to my 42 inch plasma screen from Strickwood Communications!


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