Tuesday, December 02, 2008

see's the moment

The smell of chocolate would often fill my nostrils as I got out of the car and walked into the building at KLOS. The studios were just up the street from a See's Candies plant on La Cienega Boulevard.

See's has stores in most California shopping malls and kiosks at many of the gates at LAX and other airports. For the past few years they've also put kiosks in malls all over the country prior to Christmas. The kiosks sell prepackaged candy only. If you want to get a custom assortment, with extra Scotchmallows for example, you have to order it. We get the See's catalogs in the mail several times a year and I still like to read them cover to cover.

Dave, the guy working at the West Town Mall kiosk, has a slight resemblance to my old friend Loo Katz. He told me that he and his wife used to live in Glendale, California. They moved to Maine before becoming full-time RVers. Now they travel the country, usually staying at campgrounds where they do some work in lieu of paying a site fee. At one of these sites they met a guy from See's who suggested that they had the right personality to work for the company too.

Just the other day I talked with an evolutionary evangelist who also travels the country rather than keep a permanent home. I do want to get to all 50 states but I'm not sure that I'm willing to give up the comforts of home for a life on the road. Besides, I wouldn't want to end up like the characters in "Lost in America."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also from CA, San Diego, and just moved here this past Jan. Our Mamaw out here loved getting Sees, and I was sad to know that they didn't exsist out here. But thanks to your blog, guess where I'm heading today? THANKS FRANK!!
*Cara from So*Cal

Anonymous amy (lapsed stalker) said...

hey Frank! :) sorry i haven't stalked you much lately... ;p with gas prices back down to normal i have no excuse; please forgive me! LOL anyway, yes: having grown up in the east bay area myself, i'm a huge See's fan. and i love Christmastime for the kiosk! WOOT! :D way to spread the chocolatey love there, broh! ;D (that sounds way dirtier than i meant it, btw...)

Anonymous Jenny said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love that you blogged about See's Candy and Dave. I also work there for the holiday season and I think it has given business a little boost, but more than anything, people are coming up and talking with us about your blog and that you guys talked about Dave on the radio. Dave loves the attention it has brought so I just wanted to say thank you. I know that you are doing something that you love, but don't forget that others enjoy it as well! Have a great day!


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