Sunday, April 05, 2009

hosanna hey sanna

The theme of my interview with newly ordained Bishop Richard Stika was, "what is the mission of the church outside of the church?" I wanted to know how the Bishop saw his role in the community at large. In the program, which airs Sunday morning, we discuss the interfaith community in East Tennessee, the homeless, last year's church shooting and other local issues.

Obviously there is plenty of church chat too. We talked about Bishop Stika's ordination and the brand new cathedra that made its debut at that Mass. I also wanted to know what the Bishop thought of the fancy new building at St. John Neumann parish, which was the subject of a recent cover story in the Metro Pulse. So, would he consider making that building his cathedral? Probably not. Bishop Stika said he likes the location of Sacred Heart Cathedral and drops a subtle hint that he might someday be open to a new building on that site.

To celebrate Palm Sunday, I have posted a podcast of the half-hour interview. I think cradle Catholics and converts alike will enjoy the lightning round at the end of the interview when I ask the Bishop, "bells at the consecration, yes or no?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good interview, Frank. I look forward to meeting Bishop Stika. Interesting on the bells - Calling attention/focus. That's exactly why I've always maintained silence on Holy Thursday after the "gifts hymn" is over - I feel the silence helps the congregation focus on what's going on during the preparation and incensing of the gifts and altar. There's no distracting background music/noise. -Mike

Anonymous Tim Whatley said...

Great interview. Really looking forward to seeing him at the Easter Vigil.
So, a priest and a rabi walk into a bar...
That's when the bartender says, "What is this, a joke?"


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