Friday, August 07, 2009

beau faux

The free newspaper I picked up at Patrick Sullivan's said it was not intended for the general public. Naturally, that made me all the more interested. "BOH - FOH News" is a publication for employees of the restaurant business. The initials in the name stand for back of house and front of house.

One article in the summer issue is by a server who writes that she always blames the kitchen for any mistakes with an order, even if the error is entirely her own fault. Another writer, who is a kitchen worker, describes his dislike for making club sandwiches because they require ingredients from every station in the kitchen.

I found the most interesting article to be one about an upselling technique called the Sullivan Nod. Its creator, Jim Sullivan, urges servers to smile and slowly nod their heads while suggesting an item such as a more expensive brand of liquor. The BOH-FOH writer thinks the Sullivan Nod could be used to convince bad customers that they don't want dessert.

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