Tuesday, August 30, 2005

better than raking leaves

Every year at this time I get excited about the new Fall TV season. I study the schedule grid and try to decide which shows I will watch and which ones I will record on the TiVo. This year I would like to open my choices to debate. Are there shows you're excited about that I'm overlooking? Are there shows I should drop?

It looks like I can spend Friday and Saturday nights watching the stuff I recorded throughout the week. I didn't notice anything worthwhile either night. I think I will drop two shows I used to watch regularly, "The Bernie Mac Show" and "Malcolm in the Middle," which both air on Fridays this year. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays there are too many good shows on at the same time. I've listed them in order of preference, which is also open to debate. I will have our two TiVos working overtime, especially on Thursdays.

Here's my planned viewing/recording schedule. New shows are marked with an asterisk. Obviously a new show may not live up to my expectations and could get dropped. What do you think?

8pm Cold Case (CBS)
9pm Desperate Housewives (ABC)
10pm Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
10:30pm Extras* (HBO)

8pm Arrested Development (FOX)
8:30pm How I Met Your Mother* (CBS)
9pm Prison Break* / 24 (FOX)
10pm CSI: Miami (CBS)

8pm Bones* (FOX)
9pm The Amazing Race (CBS)
9pm My Name is Earl* (NBC)
9:30pm The Office (NBC)

8:30pm yes, dear (CBS) (created by a former WAVA intern!)
9pm Lost (ABC)
9pm Veronica Mars (UPN)
9pm Criminal Minds* (CBS)
10pm CSI: New York (CBS)

8pm Smallville (WB)
8pm Alias (ABC)
8pm Survivor (CBS)
8pm Everybody Hates Chris* (UPN)
9pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
9pm Night Stalker* (ABC)
9pm Reunion* (FOX)
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Anonymous jess :) said...

My name is earl has me excited. I heart Jason Lee, even if he is part of the same "religion" (cult) that Tom Cruise is (I learned a long time ago never to mention it by name, you might get a threat letter from Bert Fields).

P.S. It's created and produced by your yes dear buddy (see below for evidence):

Executive producers: Greg Garcia and Marc Buckland
Creator: Greg Garcia

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

How 'bout that? Greg Garcia has gone from creating the sitcom hated by critics to creating one they love as these articles in the Boston Globe and USA Today attest.


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