Saturday, August 27, 2005

add your own punch line

The "Coldest Beer in USA" sign will catch your eye when you drive past JoAnn's on Andrew Johnson Highway.

The beer is so cold that... don't get drunk, you get brain freeze's called Bud Dry Ice
...Ted Williams' head drinks it
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

...necrophiliacs head there for a quickie.

Anonymous Rich said...'s the only beer cold enough to be served at Disney World.
...environmentalists are using it to combat global warming.
...each sip costs you an inch. reminds me of my ex-wife.
...if you lick the head your tongue will freeze to it.
...they use it in Oak Ridge to make superconductors. would make even me look cool.

Blogger Sarah the Penguin said...

...if you set it next to a Fredricks Of Hollywood catalog it becomes a pop-up book.


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