Tuesday, October 18, 2005

the worst are those who only listen to NPR

When you work in radio, everyone you meet wants to tell you about their listening habits. A lot of the time they tell you how they only listen to your competition. While they are talking I'm usually wondering how they would feel if I did the same to them. What if I told the domestic auto salesman how much I love Hondas? What if I spent 10 minutes telling the Hostess man how Little Debbie's prices are so much better?

Two Knoxville stations where I used to work recently changed to "Earl" and "Jack." I've been hearing about it almost everywhere I've been since Friday. Most people are asking about their favorite deejays who are now gone. I haven't talked to Sarah from The River yet but her blog gives an update. One of my wife's friends got an email from Ashley Adams saying that she is moving down the hall to the lite rock station in that cluster.

The best comment about Earl/Jack came today after a business meeting. A woman who had sampled the two stations said they sounded like the Muzak you hear in Chili's.

In other radio news, Kristen Hammond has a new website announcing her upcoming move to San Diego where she will marry the legendary Jeff & Jer.
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