Saturday, November 19, 2005

modesty or vanity?

Forensic science is very popular in Knoxville thanks to Dr. William Bass and his "Body Farm." He's written a book about it and so has Patricia Cornwell. (By the way, a Knoxville firm designed Cornwell's new website.)

This week's Metro Pulse has an interview with Cornwell as she promotes her new book, "Predator." The premise of the book sounds interesting. It explores the possibility that brain scans reveal information about serial killers.

The first time I interviewed Dr. Bass, I asked him if he would donate his own body to his famous research facility. He said it's up to his survivors. At the end of the Metro Pulse article, the interviewer asks Cornwell if she might end up there:
She's even a little bashful. When asked whether she'd donate her body to the Body Farm, she says, "I don't think I'm a good candidate for that. They'd have to build the fences a little higher and add some locks."
Is she really being bashful? Or does she imagine that her body will attract more attention than the hundreds who have already decomposed there?

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