Monday, November 21, 2005

travel traffic traditions

Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, I think back to the days when morning deejays Elliott & Woodside used to inform their listeners (in a somewhat cheesy, pukey voice) that it was "traditionally the heaviest travel day of the year." This year is no different. Experts say we should expect big crowds at on the roads and at the airports on Wednesday and Sunday.

Over the summer I was waiting for a plane at Dulles Airport. As I sat there watching people, I made up a little "Airport Bingo" game. I wrote down a list of things people wear and checked them off as I spotted someone wearing it. Then I expanded the idea slightly. Here's my Airport Bingo list for your Thanksgiving travel enjoyment:

Someone wearing:
  • sunglasses
  • baseball cap
  • sports jersey
  • 'do rag
  • Hard Rock Cafe shirt
  • huge earrings
  • college sweatshirt
  • rock concert t-shirt
  • Mickey Mouse ears
  • short shorts
  • sagging shorts
  • "comfortable shoes"
Someone who is:
  • getting a ride on a golf cart
  • talking on a cell phone
  • carrying an out of town newspaper
  • having a bad hair day
  • heavily tattooed
  • heavily pierced
  • showing a "plumber's crack"
  • traveling with a pet
  • possibly drunk
  • listening to an iPod
  • playing Free Cell
  • charging their phone
  • slightly famous
Any other suggestions?
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