Tuesday, January 24, 2006


There's a joke in my bio on the Einstein Simplified website. It says that I'm trying to quit second hand smoking but that it's not going well, especially on Tuesday nights. It's Tuesday again, which means I have to decide which clothes are going to get befouled with the stench of cigarette smoke at Patrick Sullivan's tonight. There are certain coats, sweatshirts and slacks that I will not wear to the bar because I don't want to be reminded of the smell. When I get home tonight, I will have to hang my jacket someplace to air out overnight. My shirt and pants go straight into the laundry.

It's the smell that offends me most about smokers. They have every right to fill their homes and bodies with poisonous gases but I don't want to have to smell their emissions in public. It seems that most smokers don't care what they smell like to others. (Do smokers wear deodorant? Why bother?) Maybe the only way to get them to quit is to appeal to their selfishness. Some New York TV stations are running a series of spots that show smokers what cigarettes do to their health. I read that these intense commercials were filmed in Australia. The one that really got my attention showed a medical examiner squeezing a big glob of fat out of a smoker's aorta. The dead smoker was only 32.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this actually made me wish i had a tv again! and i'm not even being sarcastic!! (guess it's time to call my therapist again...)

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Oh mannnnnnn, I'm soooooo glad I quit smoking 8 years ago. I'm 38 BTW.


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