Friday, May 12, 2006


Several things in my life changed four years ago when I moved to Tennessee. I was finally on the air full time, I joined an improv group and I started wearing t-shirts under my regular shirts. The t-shirts make it a little more comfortable on both humid summer days and cold winter days. Go figure. I also wear them at the pool while saving turtles. Over the years, I have collected dozens of free t-shirts from radio stations, charity events, restaurants, etc. After losing almost 60 pounds on LA Weight Loss, all my XL t-shirts are too big.

Earlier this week I mentioned some of the free stuff my friend Bean gets from influential readers of his blog. Here's my modest proposal: send me a promotional t-shirt in exchange for a mention (with hyperlink) of your business on the blog! If you send me a collared shirt with your logo on it, I will also post a photo of myself wearing it. Just to make sure we're clear, this is a blog promotion only. No radio mentions are included. (Who do you think I am, Star Jones?) Of course, I reserve the right to decline shirts from places of ill repute. Send me an email so we can work out the details of the "dead drop."
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Anonymous Windy said...

i'm so glad you're here in tennessee & that you're on the air full time...i love the show-you have added a whole new dimension to the marc & kim show

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Ok, now that I've finally caught up with everything you've posted, I want to say that I really have enjoyed your blog and I will continue to read it. You, Marc, and Kim are doing a wonderful job and I only hope you will do this for years to come. Keep up the wonderful work and take care. I'll be "commenting" to ya soon. :)
Oh do you find the time to do EVERYTHING you do???

Blogger Jennifer Bohlken said...

What size shirts should be sent, Frank?

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

Hi Jennifer,

Size "L" seems to be perfect for free t-shirts and golf shirts.

My wife bought me a size "M" Hawaiian shirt that fits but she got it at Wal-Mart. I wonder if America's largest retailer labels their clothes with America's largest people in mind.



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