Thursday, May 11, 2006

free for all

The moving electric billboard that wraps around the outside of One Vision Plaza caught my eye. It said something about free admission one day soon. I looked it up on when I got home and found out that this Saturday is "Discover Your Knoxville" day. The Star of Knoxville has a free cruise at 3:00 p.m. and the Three Rivers Rambler has a free trip at 5:00 p.m. which means you could do both. Several attractions offer free admission for part of the day.

The plethora of freebies got me thinking that I hadn't heard anything about Free Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins which was usually in May. According to, there hasn't been one since 2004. Ben & Jerry's still do Free Cone Day, but it was last month. And Free Comic Book Day was last weekend. So that doesn't really help you either.

However you can see They Might Be Giants for free at tonight's Sundown in the City concert. And Junior Brown is scheduled for June 1.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that you have the hots for this lady on channel 10, what was her name again? I am sure you know. What I am wondering is how this got sent to a firm in Dallas? Maybe from a friend of hers, wondering why a married morning show co host is so infatuated with her. Maybe it was her,maybe it was from a concerned friend, or a local blogger trying to get a rise out of you. You know I have heard that there was some former channel 10 news anchors/weathermen who live in Dallas now. However, the more that I write a response to this the more I am beginning to think that you wrote to Dallas and making this little story esculate into something more than it should be. What a way to get hits on your site, huh?

Blogger Aaron Campbell said...

I wish I could do the boat rides. I got to work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Frank! I'll give you something for free - a comment on your blog!!! And I'm not even your wife! I am a loyal listener to you and Marc and Kim every morning - you guys help get me through every morning at work, so thanks for the great entertainment! But back to your original post - it is so hard to find free stuff... grocery stores hardly ever even have the ladies that give out samples anymore. Or maybe I just shop on the wrong days. Anyway I just wanted to post something on here for you, hope I made your day. We love you Frank!!! Also my friend, who is also a loyal listener, wanted you to know that she thinks you are great with Marc and Kim and she is glad you are on the show.
Also thanks for filling us in on stuff we've missed on TV (like who got voted off American Idol, etc). And keep blogging - SOMEBODY out there cares!

Blogger Polly said...

I've really enjoyed downtown Knoxville lately. Both the Italian fest and the Dogwood fest were fantastic. Mayfield dairy gave free scoops on market square recently but I missed that one. One of the best 'free' things about downtown is simply people watching. :)

Anonymous Amy W said...

Something else free this weekend is the Animal Planet Expo downtown in the World's Fair Park. It's only on Saturday from 10 am to 5pm. Discovery Kids Channel will be there with an endurance obstacle course as well. There's also an Exotic Bird Show in the Knoxville Expo center on Clinton highway this weekend. I don't know times or prices, but it's not very widely known about.. so I thought I'd pass the information on.

Something that is always free is going to Wal-mart and mullet counting.. you won't believe how many you'll see.. especially on a Saturday!


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