Wednesday, May 31, 2006

no egg, no cream

Today's Page Six column in the New York Post included 25 Things Every New Yorker Should Know. The item at the top of the list grabbed my attention. Here's how to make an authentic egg cream:
It's all about the syrup: Fox's U-Bet, which is used by the finest of establishments, including Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights and Gem Spa in the East Village. Fox's is harder to find these days (no longer available at Junior's Cheesecake) but try in the kosher section of larger supermarkets. It's worth the search.
  • Step 1: Chill milk to almost freezing.
  • Step 2: Pour about one-third cup of whole milk into a glass.
  • Step 3: Fill the glass with seltzer until the head rises.
  • Step 4: Drizzle in Fox's U-Bet syrup.
  • Step 5: Stir at the bottom - only the bottom! - with a long spoon for half a minute.
  • Step 6: Drink slowly. Use spoon for choice dollops of foam.
A while back I saw some Fox's U-Bet on the Kosher shelf in a Kroger store in West Knoxville. I snapped a couple of pictures with my camera phone at the time. The camera gives each photo a file name with the date and time until I change it to something more manageable. According to the file names, I took these photos on January 22 and saved them in my phone these past four months.

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