Wednesday, May 17, 2006

upfronts updates

NBC and ABC have already announced their plans for the fall season. CBS takes their turn today. Fox and The CW go tomorrow. Like last year, The New York Times has an upfronts blog full of interesting details. I found a site (via TVBarn) with a grid showing how the network's schedules stack up against one another. The new CBS show with the most appealing premise to me is "Shark," in which a former defense attorney (think O.J.'s dream team) switches sides to become a prosecutor. He now uses all his former tricks to convict the bad guys.

The schedule change that affects me most is the move of "The Amazing Race" to Sunday nights. It will cause some TiVo gymnastics on nights that CBS has a football overrun in the Fall. Speaking of TiVo gymnastics, tonight I've got to decide which two channels to record and which one to watch live. I will probably record "The Amazing Race" season finale and the episodes of "Alias" and "Lost," which leaves "American Idol" for me to watch live. Of course "American Idol" is the one show I will most want to fast-forward through. However I will want to pause and rewind during all the other shows.

Some contestants from past seasons of "The Amazing Race," "Survivor" and other reality shows will be in Nashville for the Reality TV Convention on June 3 and 4. Thanks to reader Sean for the email reminding me about it.

A past winner of "The Amazing Race" made the celebrity gossip pages. Reichen Lehmkuhl was in New York's Central Park on Monday with Shannon Elizabeth, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass. According to, Shannon Elizabeth grabbed a photographer's camera. Why would she do that? Maybe because a Canadian gossip column is suggesting that Reichen is dating one of the other three in the group.
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