Wednesday, August 09, 2006

thin crust, no toppings

There are two types of pizza: good pizza and great pizza. When a new pizza place opens nearby, you have to try it to find out if it's just good or if it's great. Before the Einstein Simplified show two weeks ago, I spotted a new pizza place in the Old City called Da Vinci's Pizzeria & Calzones. The lettering in the window promised "New Jersey Style" pizza by the slice. Since last night was a show night, my daughter suggested that we get pizza before the improv show. My wife and I planned our meals so that we could have a slice and a salad for dinner. Once you get it in your head that you're going to have pizza, nothing else will satisfy. We arrived downtown about half an hour earlier than usual and saw something disappointing. Da Vinci's was closed. The way restaurants open and close around here I worried that the place had already gone out of business. Fortunately the sign on the door says they will re-open tomorrow once an electrical problem gets fixed. But that didn't help my pizza craving last night.

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Blogger Krisha said...

I came home and had an english muffin with pizza sauce and cheddar.
Can't get much more ghetto than that. But I needed pizza!
maybe next week!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the shot of the fly crawling on the "we will re-open sign". Makes me hungry for a slice!

Scott in the 909

Blogger Frank Strovel III said...

Mmm... Jersey style. It's not good unless the grease runs down your arm.

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

You got that right Frank, when you expect pizza nothing else will do.

Anonymous Marc,Kim,and Frank fan said...

Hey Frank!
next time you decide to have pizza you should make the drive to Oak-Ridge to have Big Ed's Pizza!! I live In Tazewell and when I get a pizza craving I choose that over any other place!!
it has a relaxed atmosphere and its nothing fancy however the pizza is the BOMB!! no salad or wings, but hand made pizza and plenty of napkins is all you will need!!-
they may even give you a Big Ed's T'shirt!! 1:Broadway,Jackson Square
Phone 482-4848 ( I kept a menu card) Try it Frank!-you will not be let down!! plus they have been around for years!- family owned and operated family business since 1970!

Anonymous Marc,Kim,and Frank fan said...

oops, when trying to give info on your favorite pizza place one should always verify that the info is correct before posting!
the phone for Big Ed's Pizza is

Blogger Frank Murphy said...

I do need to get back to Big Ed's to get a smaller t-shirt. I got an XXL shirt there three or four years ago. The pizza was good but I hated that the place does not have a non-smoking section.

We have an improv show at the World Grotto tomorrow night (August 11) so I may try again to eat at Da Vinci's. This time I will call first to make sure they're open. And to make sure they killed that fly in the photo.

Anonymous Fly-boy said...

Hey y'all... I see the fly in front of the handwritten sign... but look at the CLOSED sign too - there's a fly there also. Maybe you should re-consider the trip to Da Vinci's altogether.

Possibly it wasn't so much an electrical issue as it was a 'fly issue'

Blogger Krisha said...

Well...i see the fly in the closed photo.
But who is that cute pizza pixie in the reflection?

dang've got angels!


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