Saturday, September 30, 2006

served it, couldn't eat it

The United Way held a fundraiser yesterday. For $5, you got two hot dogs, a drink and a bag of chips served to you by some local personalities. The servers were mostly media types. I saw two other radio guys and several TV news people there. Mayor Haslam spent a fair amount of time handing out hot dogs too.

Besides helping United Way of course, I was glad that I could visit with the TV folks. I was stationed between two TV newscasters from different stations. Although they don't work together, they both used to live in Florida. I overheard them saying "Go Gators" to one another. I think they both went to school in Gainesville.

I had a chance to chat with Alan Williams of WVLT. He asked how the improv group was doing. It's cool of him to remember. Four lovely TV ladies let me take their picture. Beth Haynes and Michele Silva of WBIR were slinging dogs next to the Mayor. Melissa DiPane and Amelia Daniels from WATE had been serving chips.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

let the stalking continue.....

Blogger bean said...

frank, where was abby ham? you had me all primed and then, nothing!

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Wow, great shot of Beth and Michele! I'll take an 8x10 of that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the lady's hair in the background behind Beth.


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