Friday, September 01, 2006

still on their mailing list

Earlier this week, Scott West reached a deal to plead guilty in the case I told you about in July. Here's an excerpt from an email I received today:
Dear friends and family,

As you may already know, Bernadette and I have been charged with a federal offence involving money laundering. Further, I have been charged with marijuana trafficking. Bernadette will and I have entered pleas of guilty to these charges, but we have not been sentenced by the court yet. We ask that you help us in our efforts to tell the Honorable Judge Thomas W. Phillips that there is a great deal more to our characters and our histories than these crimes, so that he might find it in his wisdom be as lenient in his sentencing of each of us as is possible in consideration of our good characters and our contributions to this great community. We have made mistakes which have had tremendous repercussions, but as you may already know, we are committed citizens to Knoxville and the revitalization of its Downtown. We love this community and wish to return to our friends and family as quickly as possible. Will you please help us by writing a letter for Bernadette and/ or Scott West to Honorable Judge Phillips, United States District Court, Eastern District of Tennessee.

In addition, let Judge Phillips know that you are aware that we have been charged with this offence. It will not be appropriate to make any comment about your feelings of either mine or Bernadette's guilt or innocence. Most importantly, you should tell Judge Phillips why you believe we are worthy of receiving leniency. You may wish to emphasize our characters, backgrounds, upbringing, scholastic achievements, contributions and commitment to the community, hard work, devotion to our families, hardship that we and our families have already suffered as a result of this case, or any other factor that you believe to be positive and truthful. You may handwrite this letter.

Thank you,

Bernadette Trent West and Ronald Scott West

PS Feel free to pass this letter on to other friends and supporters

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

What the hell??
*shakes her head*


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