Wednesday, July 19, 2006

it's not what you know

How often do you see someone you know on the news? Not that often, right? Especially when it's bad news. In the 50 weeks since I started this blog, it has happened to me five times. I have written previously about the tragic stories of the oldies deejay, the BBQ shack owner and the improv audience member. I also know a school bus driver who got into some trouble with the law.

The big story in Knoxville this week is the raid on several Market Square businesses by the DEA and other federal agencies. The local blogosphere broke the story Sunday morning. The married couple who own those businesses turned themselves in to the authorities and are out on bail. The husband has had meetings with our improv group and booked us to perform at the World Grotto. We had a show there this past Friday night. He's fairly well known around town so I'm not the only one who recognized him on the news. But it still makes me wonder which of my acquaintances will turn up on the news next.
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Blogger Krisha said...

I am now just a little be scared to know..
But it's worth the risk.

Blogger Jennifer Bohlken said...

I'm with Krisha. The part that is scariest is that they are mostly BAD news stories. If I were Abby Ham right now, I'd quit letting you take my picture! Just kidding, Frank!

You're just more popular than the rest of us!

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Just hope it's not your "next of kin" :)


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