Wednesday, September 06, 2006

what was it that Katie did?

Terry Morrow, the television critic for the Knoxville News Sentinel, invited me to be a guest blogger on his site while he's on vacation. My blog entry appeared there today. I wrote about the backlog of shows on my TiVo.

Speaking of TiVo, I forgot to record Katie Couric's debut on the CBS Evening News yesterday. I remembered to turn it on with ten minutes left in the newscast. I've been trying to watch the rest of it on the CBS News website but I haven't been able to get the video to play on my laptop. I'll have to try it from another computer. I wanted to watch tonight's newscast too since I slept through it.

I had thought that Katie might go back to using the name Katherine for her new job. I remember her days as a local reporter for WRC-TV in Washington, DC. I met her at a couple of charity events and she once came to WAVA to report on a special broadcast we did. Our general manager had made a deal with Radio Moscow for Don & Mike to host a half hour broadcast while President Reagan was in Russia for a summit meeting. The show aired live on WAVA and Radio Moscow. We did the show late at night so that it would be morning in Moscow. After the radio broadcast ended, Katie needed to record the closing for her report. I remember that we gave her a boost so she could sit on a counter top. The camera got a great shot of her with the radio sound board in the background.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

By the way, give yourself bonus points if you picked up on the "Very Good Eddie" reference.

Anonymous Bruce Patrick said...

Hey Frank, wish I had Tivo, enjoyed the fill in article for Terry. But Supernova? I missed one episode on RockStar/INXS last year...ONE! I started watching this year, and while I have every CD Motley Crue did, every CD GnR did, and several Metallica CD's, I couldn't stomach any more than 4 of this season's shows before turning to something else. The songs don't match the band, it's just horrible to watch the poor editing and it's just a train wreck! See you in the Hallway!

Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Nice guest blog on Terry's site.
Good job.


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