Thursday, February 15, 2007

fromage homage

There's no such thing as bad pizza but some pizza is better than others. If I still lived in New York, I would always get my pizza from Roma Restaurant in Tuckahoe. Instead, I try new places hoping to find one that reminds me of my childhood favorite.

I thought I had found a new pizza place at Turkey Creek last night but the manager said that Mangia Pizza & More has been there for five years. I guess I don't get to Turkey Creek that often. The restaurant is delightfully smoke-free, an instant improvement over Big Ed's in Oak Ridge. The pizza was so good that I asked the manager if he or the owner were from New York. Turns out they are both Tennesseeans with an appreciation for thin crusts, good sauce and good cheese. They gladly put some extra oregano on my pizza, unlike most places. Whether because of Valentines Day or Wednesday church services, my wife and I were the only customers between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. The manager told us that they are busiest on Friday nights.

While we were eating our pizza at Mangia, my wife told me about the "Desperate Housewives" episode she had watched earlier that day. Pizzeria Scavo is about to open and my wife remembered that Doug Savant, who plays Tom, used to work at Dino's Pizza in Burbank. He was already a regular on "Melrose Place" by the time we became regulars at Dino's

The next time they come to visit, m
y sister and her husband might want to include a stop at the new restaurant opening soon right next door to Mangia. It appears to be the first Tennessee location for Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. The Five Guys in Centreville, Virginia is one of their family's favorite places. I ate there with them just before starting my weight loss program seventeen months ago.

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Anonymous gvav1 said...

Five Guys Burgers is in Orlando too...golden delicious!

Anonymous Brandi said...

My husband and I visit Mangia quite a bit. The pizza and bread sticks are excellent and the employees are always very nice. Glad you enjoyed it as much as we do.

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Amicis East Coast Pizzeria in San Fransico is pretty darn good too! You should try it next time your over on the left coast.

Anonymous nyeboy9 said...

Mangia = Best Pizza

Five Guys= Best Burger

Thank God for Turkey Creek! Now it only needs an IKEA and I'd be in heaven.

Anonymous marc, kim and frank fan said...

SOrry Frank, But that place dosent comapre to BIG ED's... the look and feel is diffrent,
Big Ed's may not be smoke free but the place does have a good vibe to it, and I guess where it is dark and all the old pictures and the pizza so hot, and the paper plates... I dont think the palce in Turkey Creek compares,- that is why at Big Ed's 9 times out of 10 I ahve to wait on the sidewalk jsut to get in the door!

Blogger Les Jones said...

Mangia is awesome fast food Italian. It's what Fazoli's should have been. The pizza, breadsticks and marinara are great, and so is the stromboli.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have got to try Brooklyn's Original Pizza in Lenoir City. It blows every place around here out of the water if you are looking for original tasting from NYC pizza.

Blogger Knoxville Yankee said...

I like where your head is at, but how can you put Mangia in the same class as Brooklyn's Original Pizza? Mangia has the real ovens and comes close, but it's not the same as the real thing. You're from Westchester - you should know :) We've had a lot of discussion about it over at

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Frank, just had Five Guys Burgers for lunch, O.M.G. my co-workers had to roll me out in a wheelbarrow. I had the bacon cheesburger, large fries and coke. I'm a pretty big guy but I couldn't even eat all of those fries! It was YUM-O!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My uncle owns Mangia. I am really glad you like it, their bread sticks truly are awesome.


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