Friday, March 02, 2007

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Tonight's "Access Hollywood" had a red-carpet interview with "American Idol's" Simon, Randy, Paula and Ryan on the topic of Kellie Pickler's new pair of... shoes. The Museum of Television & Radio logo was prominently displayed behind the Idol judges (and host). They were on their way in to the 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival. Has it really been a year since I was jonesing about last year's festival?

The lineup for this year's Paley festival is even better than last year's, mainly because of tonight's presentation. The cast and crew of "The Office" will be featured. It's the best show currently on the air. I may have to buy the DVD of tonight's panel if it becomes available two years from now. Three more of my favorite shows will be honored in the coming days: "Dexter," "Prison Break" and "Heroes." I'll be checking the new PaleyFest blog for updates, photos and video clips. I put all four of those shows on my top ten list for last year, which I was challenged to compile as part of a morning radio segment with Terry Morrow of the News Sentinel.

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Blogger Frank Murphy said...

In case you remotely care, here's my top ten list for 2006, as heard on the radio at the end of December:

1) The Office
2) 24
3) Dexter
4) How I Met Your Mother
5) Entourage
6) Prison Break
7) Best Week Ever
8) Kyle XY
9) either Heroes or Friday Night Lights
10) The Beverly Hillbillies

2006 was the year that I watched a bunch of early Beverly Hillbillies episodes on WBIR and came to appreciate how well written they were. At the time I wrote the list, I hadn't watched any episodes of "Heroes" or "Friday Night Lights" but they were waiting for me on my TiVo. Since then I've gotten caught up on "Heroes" but haven't watched any of "Friday Night Lights" yet.


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