Thursday, February 22, 2007

no turntable needed

The former cable network Trio now only exists on the Internet. At some point I must have signed up for their mailing list, probably around the time they were showing "Brilliant But Cancelled" series pilots. I started getting emails from Trio a couple of weeks ago. I briefly thought the messages might have been personalized with my name because of a paragraph about "Frank's Vinyl Museum." It turned out to be a link to a great website full of so-bad-they're-good recordings collected by Frank LaRosa. I was reminded of the "outsider music" championed by WFMU deejay Irwin Chusid and of the "Golden Throats" discs from Rhino Records. Speaking of bad singers, it wouldn't surprise me if some of this year's "American Idol" top 24 end up in a future version of the Vinyl Museum. Ugh.

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