Thursday, March 01, 2007

ham radio

Instead of writing a long blog entry on a night when I'm more tired than usual, I realized that I could just post a new photo of Abby Ham and get a significant increase in page hits. Abby spent an hour at the Children's Hospital Radiothon today. Hey all you Ham fans, before you use Photoshop to cut me out of the picture and paste yourself in, click here to make a donation to Children's Hospital. It will impress her, I promise.

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Anonymous Tonya E. said...

Where's the pix of Ben Senger for us ladies Frank?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you?

Anonymous Kim Hansard said...

Sorry ladies! I should have taken a photo of Ben...he IS a cutie. He's even more impressive in person. I'll do better next time and ask Frank to post Ben's photo since I don't have a blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God, what's wrong with the BOTH of you?

Aren't you both married?

Blogger Byron Chesney said...

Hangin out with Abby and Beth? Good Lord, I am green with "frank-envy." wife would like to see some Senger too.

Blogger bean said...

frank, how come she is already dressed but you are still in your robe?


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