Monday, April 23, 2007

follow me to Mockingbird Lane

The music at the beginning of "The Munsters" is one of, if not my overall, favorite TV theme songs. As I was leaving West Town Mall today, I crossed paths with a car that reminded me of the Munster Koach. It was headed west on Kingston Pike while I was getting on the Interstate at Montvue. I took I-40 west to the next exit and instead of turning right and going where I needed to go, I went the opposite way hoping to see the car again. As I got to the light at Gallaher View and Kingston Pike, the dragster hearse passed in front of me again. The photo safari was on. I turned right and eventually caught up with it at one of the next stop lights. It wasn't until after I was done with my little detour that I thought gas costing $2.69 a gallon.

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Anonymous Pam Mc said...

Kewl car Frank!!! Yeah it does remind ya a bit of "The Munsters". Take care!


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