Sunday, April 01, 2007

no fooling

After last year's trip to Walt Disney World, my family decided that if we returned, EPCOT would stand for Experienced People Can Omit This. We were fortunate to be invited back to the Children's Miracle Network Celebration, which begins tomorrow morning. Over the weekend, we visited the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios.

I was enjoying the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride at Animal Kingdom until the end when the natural beauty was spoiled by some corny storytelling. I have no problem with the ride's anti-poaching message, it's just that the mannequin in the airplane and the fake elephant in the truck detract from the experience. The fictional story tells you that a real animal has been injured. If they want to add entertainment value to the safari, use some retired jokes from the Jungle Cruise like "I don't recognize those animals over there behind the baby giraffe, they must be gnu."

We planned yesterday around attending the 10:00 p.m. show of "Fantasmic," which was a favorite of ours at Disneyland. I remember hearing some stories about people fleeing the previews of the show in 1992 because they didn't expect to get soaking wet. Last night, many people seated in front of us ran for higher ground once the water started spraying. We were seated in row M and still got wetter than we would have liked. Perhaps the seats in the splash zone should be painted with a warning, like at Sea World. The flash on my camera illuminated the water in the air:

The show has been updated somewhat since we last saw it in Anaheim. Unfortunately the updates are no improvement. Many of the most well known characters have been removed and replaced by a long segment with the villain from "Pocahontas." He leads a group of extras in a song about digging ditches. Nothing says fantasy like digging ditches. Why did they have to insert a history lesson into "Fantasmic?" It's supposed to be escapist entertainment about the battle between good and evil inside Mickey's imagination. If Ratcliffe stayed on any longer, I was going to suggest Mickey get a prescription for a good anti-psychotic from his psychiatrist.

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