Tuesday, June 19, 2007

give us 22 minutes

In lieu of writing a blog entry tonight, I decided to share an email that I received this morning. At least I added a bunch of hyperlinks for your clicking enjoyment.
Frank, I Googled WAVA tonight and found the salute you guys did on the 10th "death" anniversary of the station. I wish we had done something like that to observe the 10th "death" anniversary of the ORIGINAL (at least for my money) WAVA, the all-news format.

I had moved from Indiana to work at the station and was caught up in the great firing of everyone on the staff except for Mike Del Colliano.

So many of the anchors at the old WAVA went on to other things. Many of us and some from WASH founded AP Radio. Some of us became the main Washington staff of the late UPI Radio Network, including myself.

Anyway, great Web site. Brought back a lot of memories.

Dennis Daily

KYOS, Merced, California

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