Tuesday, September 11, 2007

leader of men

The camera phone photo below made the email rounds in our family earlier this year. My mother sent it to me. She had gotten it from her sister, who in turn had gotten it from a neighbor. The neighbor's son saw the inspirational quote on the wall of a fire training academy in Maryland. The name under the quote is that of FDNY Captain Terry Hatton, a hero who died six years ago today. My mother's sister is Terry Hatton's mother.

My cousin was known for saying "It's either outstanding or it's unacceptable." Former FDNY Commissioner Thomas Von Essen used the quote in his remarks in 2005 when a portion of West 43rd Street was renamed Captain Terence S. Hatton Way. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might recall that I wrote about Terry last year on this date.

There is something else this time of year that helps me remember Terry. During the years that I worked at KROQ, we would travel to New York every September for the MTV Video Music Awards. Terry would find time in his schedule to meet me at a restaurant near my hotel. I wanted to hear about his latest heroics but he would steer the conversation away from himself. Of course, his actions spoke louder than any words.

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Blogger John said...

Just happened upon this blog. I lived in Rockville Centre and went to South Side HS with Terry. I always remember Terry, as well as his younger brother who passed away tragically several years earlier, as great kids. Funny as hell, friendly and well-liked and respected by all. Whenever I think of 9/11 I remember Terry and will be, always, indebted to him as well as all of his brothers that made the ultimate sacrifice.

John Simon

Blogger Mara said...

I found this blog as I'm remembering Terry today. I was a classmate and friend of Terry's at South Side HS, and my mom grew up with your mom and Terry's, at 1718 Purdy Street in the Bronx. I remember praying desperately 8 years ago that Terry would be alive, as I just kept seeing his face as he told me about Kenny's diagnosis on what had been a beautiful summer day. I couldn't imagine that two such wonderful sons could be gone from one family. Terry was remarkable for his kindness and easy manner with everyone. His bravery and work ethic, his humble, gentle manner will never be forgotten. God bless all his family.
~~Mara Devine Pais


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