Friday, September 07, 2007

bring your knees in tight

Knoxville now has its own Angelyne or perhaps I should say its own "Mangelyne." For the uninitiated, Angelyne is a self-promoting wannabe starlet known in Hollywood. She drives around in her pink Corvette and shows up at various red carpet events. She's had a few small roles in movies you've heard of but mostly she is known for putting her own image on huge billboards along Sunset Boulevard. If you read, you've seen her on there once or twice.

The other day I saw a motorcyclist on Middlebrook Pike. She wore a helmet with a bright pink Mohawk on top. I knew I had seen that helmet somewhere before. It was pictured in Sunday's News Sentinel along with its owner, Gishelle Diva Gish. Gishelle has been making the media rounds to promote her September 11 gig at The Comedy Zone. She is in the process of transforming from male to female. Gishelle was formerly known as Brother Clay Gish, a radio program director here in Knoxville and elsewhere. Most notably Clay worked at KRBE in Houston. While at WOKI, he hired my friend Brian Egan to do nights.

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